Kitchen Knight to the Rescue

This is one business model that I truly admire. With the growing number of people working at night be it at a call center, BPO or any retail establishments, the clamor to have more food choices is getting louder and louder. Of course, you can always count on the usual fast food chains or grab a quick bite at any convenience store but don't you wish there's someone who can provide delicious hot meals in just a snap of a finger?

Meet the Kitchen Knight. Serving a wide-array of Asian favorites to the hardworking midnight crowd of Makati and its neighboring areas, Kitchen Knight is literally just a phone call away.

kitchen knight

One evening, I was lucky enough to be able to try some of Kitchen Knight's specialty for dinner. The rider came on time and efficiently presented our meals which was carefully packed in sturdy styrofoam boxes and delivered to us in huge plastic bags.

kitchen knight katsudon

Of course, my first pick was the Katsudon (Php. 85) as this is my favorite Japanese donburi (rice topping). I've had quite a number of Katsudons here and abroad and I can pretty much distinguish a delicious one from one that totally fell short from what this dish should really be. For me, the pork cutlets should be tender with a tiny piece of fat, the egg firm yet flavorful, the crust thin and crunchy and the rice should be moist, fragrant and has a small amount of Katsudon sauce on it.

I must admit, I was pretty lenient with Kitchen Knight as understandably it's not a Japanese restaurant but I was please with their version of Katsudon. It wasn't salty nor was the pork rough and chewy. I'm happy to report that they have captured the right Katsudon taste and this is definitely a must-try.

kitchen knight curry

Paul, on the other hand, tried the Seafood Red Curry (Php. 85) and liked it. He loved the strong coconut flavor and that it was not too spicy that it overpowers the flavor of the dish. They have added a good amount of fish and other seafood making it worth the very affordable price tag.

kitchen knight chapchae

We also tried the Korean Chapchae Noodles (Php. 85) which was pretty good too. Of course, I'd still go to Jang Ga Nae for my Korean fix but this is a great option most especially during the wee hours of the morning.

Looking at their menu, I noticed that the prices are very affordable. Every dish goes below P95 and they also offer beverages as well. There's actually no need to worry on what to eat when you can have Kitchen Knight take care of that for you.

It's great news that Kitchen Knight continues to expand their delivery reach and can now serve the following areas: Makati, Mandaluyong (near the Makati-Mandaluyong bridge), Taft, Sta. Ana and San Andres. Hopefully they'll be able to reach Pasig, Ortigas, San Juan and Quezon City soon!

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Call Kitchen Knight at 519-5555 or 519-3333. Delivery hours is from 6PM to 3PM, Mondays through Fridays. Delivery is FREE for a minimum order of 3 dishes. Otherwise, there's a Php 50.00 delivery fee for 1-2 dishes only.

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