Colds Layers at Northeast Square in Greenhills

Last night, I met up with my friends B and K. I met them while working for the Green Siren and coincidentally we have all moved on and have pursued other careers: I went to publishing, B is now the Marketing Head / Trade Head / CEO (hehe) of a premium beauty brand and K is handling research for one of the country's biggest food empire. I love the fact that we still manage to keep in touch even if we don't get to see each other on a daily basis anymore. Definitely, food will keep us together ♥.

We agreed to have dinner at Northeast Square in Greenhills. This is really sweet of B and K to agree to meet up in San Juan since B lives in Makati and K is from Manila. I definitely love these girls!

Dinner was at the new Japanese restaurant Yumemiya, which I will tell you more about in my next entry. As we were going through the menu, B mentioned that there's a dessert place called Cold Layers located at the 2nd level of the same commercial complex and that her friend has been raving about. I actually have been seeing this whenever I visit Deliboys and have been wanting to try this so I was really excited that we're heading there after dinner. Looks like the thought of dessert got us all excited that we made sure to have a light meal.

cold layers northeast square

Finally dessert came and we headed up to Cold Layers. The place was good to accommodate around 15 customers but they also have a few tables outside as well. B's friend recommended that we try the Avocado with Red Bean (Php. 240) to which we complied.

We were actually planning to try another flavor but decided to just stick to one as the serving seems to be quite big. In my mind, I was trying to visualize what this ice dessert looks like. The server said that the concept came from Taiwan and I thought it would be the usual crushed ice with fruits on top very similar to Ice Monster before.

What I didn't expect was it was a bowl of flavored ice shavings that was so fine it somehow made me feel like I'm eating snow. I love how rich the flavor of the avocado was and B's friend was right, it was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! They have also added a few fresh avocado slices and a generous serving of red bean.Yum!

cold layers northeast square

While enjoying our Avocado with Red Bean dessert, the server came to our table with a bowl of First Crush (soy ice shaving, sago, black gulaman and syrup). This was complements from the owner. While we were browsing the menu, he actually suggested this and I told him I'm not very fond of soy. Well, I ate my words as you can guess who finished off this particular bowl off. It was like eating cold taho only I can feel the very fine ice shaving slowly melting in my mouth. I love the texture and chewiness of the sago too. This is definitely a must-try especially for taho lovers out there.

cold layers northeast square

We were busy attacking the two desserts when the server went back to our table with our third and last dessert. We had Deep Temptation, a fully-loaded bowl of chocolate ice shavings, marshmallows, banana slices and drizzle of chocolate syrup. I took a small scoop from this bowl and decided that I prefer the other two icy desserts more. Not really a chocoholic here. :)

cold layers northeast square

The owner was so generous as she also set out two of her smoothies. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to try them as my tongue was starting to feel numb with all the cold desserts that B and K decided to just take the drinks home.

We had a great time at Cold Layers and I will definitely be back for more! Now, I can have a great meal at Deliboys and yummy dessert at Cold Layers after.

Cold Layers is located at the 2nd floor, Unit SO7 & SO8 Northeast Square, 47 Connecticut street, Greenhills in San Juan City.

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