Kanzhu Hand-Pulled Noodles in J. Abad Santos, San Juan

I'm nursing a nasty cold right now...it's the type that permanently clogs my nose making me unable to breathe properly. It's also the type of cold that's giving me a very nasal voice and is currently making me feel very very very....drowsy.

Times like this I truly can't wait to curl up in bed under my thick, comfy comforters and to sleep the night away. Before that of course, I have to attend to my growling stomach. If chicken soup may be the comfort food for the soul, then mine would be that Plain Noodle Soup from Kanzhu Hand-Pulled Noodles.

kanzhu hand pulled noodles

My first time to try Kanzhu Hand-Pulled Noodles was last Friday with some members of The Foodie Club, as we were invited to try some of their dishes. I've been passing by this restaurant since it opened taking the place of the Club's first meeting place -- Beijing Hand-Pulled Noodles. I'm happy to note that Kanzhu has a lot more varieties and Paul and I loved the quality of their noodles more.

Let me share with you some of the dishes that I personally enjoyed that evening:

kanzhu hand pulled noodles

Black Fungus with Jelly Fish (Php. 80)
A delicious cold appetizer where I enjoyed the crunchy bite and flavor of the three key ingredients: black fungus, jelly fish and wansoy. I think I ate a lot of this as it was placed in front of me for quite a long time.

kanzhu hand pulled noodles

Century Egg (Php. 80)
I love century egg with congee, with noodles, on top of steamed rice, or even eaten alone...in short I ♥ century egg and this is one thing that I would always order together with the Plain Noodle Soup. I love that it's just lightly salted and one serving has quite a lot of slices of century egg that I can enjoy.

kanzhu hand pulled noodles

Kanzhu Plain Dry Noodles
A great deal! Imagine you get a big bowl of freshly made hand-pulled noodles for less than P100! Don't let the word "plain" mislead you into thinking that it's a bland plate of noodle, in fact, it's bursting with flavor that you can totally skip the meat if you're on a no-meat diet. BUT...I hope you're not because you wouldn't want to miss the.... (see next dish)

kanzhu hand pulled noodles

Special Lamb Dumplings (Php. 120)
I love lamb and I love how you can really taste the lamb in every bite. They served it fried but I personally prefer the steamed version. However, for those who wants to try both steamed and fried, Kanzhu can do that for you too!

kanzhu hand pulled noodles

Pork and Chive Dumplings (Php. 80)
Aside from their noodles, Kanzhu is known for their dumplings. I love how well-packed they are but the wrappers are pretty sturdy enough that it doesn't break even after picking a piece up with your chopstick and dipping it into the sauce. I still love the lamb dumplings even more but this is perfect for those who are not brave enough to take in lamb.

kanzhu hand pulled noodles

Chinese Olive Fried Rice (Php. 150)
Fried rice lovers rejoice! You simply have to try Kanzhu's Olive Fried Rice, it has a very unique taste but one scoop will definitely push you to take in more. We just noticed that it's a tad too oily making the rice shine a bit too much. I guess the Chef was too generous with the oil while preparing this.

kanzhu hand pulled noodles

Chinese Sausage Fried Rice (Php. 150)
Another fried rice that you should also try is the one loaded with Chinese sausage. Sadly, Paul is not a fan of Chinese sausage so he skipped out on this one while I enjoyed the sweet sausage complementing the savory flavor of the rice. Between the two fried rice though, I still prefer the Chinese Olive Fried Rice more.

kanzhu hand pulled noodles

Kanzhu Braised Beef (Php. 160)
This was pretty good too as the beef was pretty tender. I was just too happy with the dumplings, noodles and fried rice that I paid very little attention to this dish. Will try it again on my next visit.

kanzhu hand pulled noodles

Tomato Egg Dish (Php. 80)
Now, here's the surprise. We were served with what looked like a tomato omelet dish and I asked the server if this should accompany any of our meats. She just told me to have it together with any of the dishes served to us that evening. I followed her advice and I actually liked it. It's a simple egg dish that's immediately became the club's favorite. The egg was not too overpowering nor was the tomatoes too sour. Definitely a must-try!

I loved the fact that the prices are very affordable! Looking at the menu, most dishes ranges from P80 - P180 and only a few went beyond P200. I enjoyed my dinner at Kanzhu Hand-Pulled Noodles that evening that Paul and I went back for a quick afternoon snack a few days after.

Service was quick and you can also buy some of their house products such as the Fish Chicharon, XO Sauce, Sweet and Sour Sauce and Candy Peanuts.

I'm glad that my neighborhood is quickly filling up with delicious food spots making it very easy for me to drop in whenever hunger hits.

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Visit Kanzhu Hand-Pulled Noodles at Unit 4 Citiplace Building, 8001 Jose Abad Santos street, Little Baguio, San Juan City. Call them at 477-7919. They also have a branch along Timog Avenue in Quezon City.


  1. I ate the lamb dumplings by mistake since it was in my mouth already when I found out it was lamb. Let's just say I'm really not a lamb person. O_O

    My favorites of the night were the century egg, tomato egg dish, and of course hand-pulled noodles. :)

  2. i love noodles!!! i wanna try their hand-pulled noodles (my fave now is the 1 from Meylin!) :D and the tomato-egg dish looks so yummy too!

  3. I've had Olive rice in Singapore before and it was really great. Wonder if it tastes the same as in the place you went to. =)

  4. @Ro: me naman i loveeeee lamb! so so so happy with the lamb dumplings! ohhh im craving for it na now :)

    @pinkcookies: its good!! must try that with dumplings ah

    @jane: try to drop by kanzhu then tell me what you think i'd love to try olive rice in singapore too!


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