Coca-Cola Can Glasses

mcdonald's coca-cola

Look what's inside this big black box!!!

It's a set of the new Coca-Cola Can Glasses and I'm so excited to use these when I have friends over!

mcdonald's coca-cola

Perfect isn't it? Glasses of icy cold Coca-Cola and bags of chips! I also have the complete set of glasses from last year's collection (sports series) and I must admit I liked this design more. The glasses come in 6 colors: pink, green, blue, lime, charcoal and purple!

This makes a good collector's item as the glasses are only available in select McDonald's outlets in 13 markets worldwide! Stocks are limited so head over to McDonald's and avail of these by adding P25 to any Extra Value Meal!

*note: thank you NN for this!


  1. i have 3 sets of these glasses na but where can i get one in this black box? this is the best way to keep them eh...i'm a collector kasi and i have several sets of all the coke glasses collection that mcdo came up with



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