Roomie Tales: Wall Candy

If there's anything that I am quite ashamed of then it must be the fact that it's taking me forever to fix up our room.

Despite working for the country's best-selling home magazine and being able to browse through as much copies of the magazine anytime I need to, I have been putting off this little room project since we got married exactly a year ago.

Well, it's not like there hasn't been any progress at all. At the start of the year, we bought our side cabinet that now houses my magazines and books and serves as my bedside table top too.

A few months back, Paul and I finally found THE couch that we've been wanting to have. Its a 3-seater red couch that my husband enjoys sitting on when he's having one of his DVD nights.

Still, our walls remain to be bare and we still have a blank space waiting for the arrival of our dresser cabinet. Really, I totally salute all the talented room decorators and Martha Stewarts of the world for being able to turn a plain looking room into a beautiful dwelling space in just a snap of a finger.

Thanks to my friend Val who emailed me offering to send me two of her newest products to help beautify our room for this I am truly grateful for. Val, aside from being my room project fairy godmother, is also the girl behind Wall Candy -- an online shop selling adorable-looking wall stickers.

real living magazine

I first learned about wall stickers when I saw the August 2009 issue of Real Living Magazine. This was followed with another pretty cover for our November 2009 issue. Notice how the floral wall stickers have successfully made the brown walls even more beautiful? Since then, I've been very interested about wall stickers and the fact that you can change the look of your room every so often without having to do any paint job that can cost a fortune.

Wall Candy currently has five collections available -- Nursery and Kids, Modern, Decor, Chalkboard and Whiteboard and Glow in the Dark.

The selections aren't a lot yet but we had a hard time choosing simply because there were a lot of pretty designs! Finally we got these two stickers:

wall candy stickers

Landmarks (Php 850)
This basically embodies our personality and our love to travel. This will serve as our inspiration to travel all over the world.

wall candy stickers

Giraffes (Php. 850)
This is perfect for a kiddie room. I chose it because it's not very gender-specific and it will be perfect for future use. ;)

As explained by Val, wall stickers are very easy to apply, just make sure you are putting this on a smooth flat surface.

Here's how to apply the sticker:
a. Prepare your wall: Ensure the surface is smooth, dry and free from dust and dirt.
b. Plan your design: Layout your design before applying stickers to the wall.
c. Get your sticker on: Smooth on with your hand, working diagonally across the sticker from one corner to another. Smooth out creases and bubbles as you go along.
d. Sit back and enjoy your new look! (Removal is easy. Peel up an edge and slowly peel the decal off the wall.)

wall candy stickers

Lastly, Wall Candy stickers are made of Eco-friendly adhesive material and are non-toxic, lead-free and have passed the European Safety Standards. Thus it is perfect even for nurseries!

Check out Wall Candy's online store at

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