YakiMIX Eat all You Can at the Podium Mall

To celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary, Paul treated me to dinner last Saturday. He asked me to choose where I want to eat and since we were already at the Podium Mall, my stomach and heart led me towards YakiMIX..(that is after considering Cantinetta, House of Wagyu and other classy restaurants at the ground floor of the mall..kidding!). Actually, Paul tried to throw a number of other restaurant suggestions my way even mentioning my favorite Arya but I was dead set about trying YakiMIX that evening.

yakimix podium

We got to YakiMIX at 6PM as we know that it can be pretty difficult to get a table knowing the popularity of this restaurant. I went with very little expectations as I've heard quite a lot of mix reviews from the terrible ones to those who truly had a great YakiMIX experience.

yakimix podium

Luckily, we didn't have to wait and were quickly ushered to our table nearest to the door. I loved the interiors as I was not actually expecting for it to look like a high-end Chinese restaurant with matching chandelier.

yakimix podium

Our first stop was the sushi/sashimi table where we filled our plates with all types of sushi, fresh sashimi and even some Japanese salad. I loved the Tamago sashimi and the Hawaiian Sushi the most. The others sadly all tasted the same that I just felt like eating rice rolls after rice rolls with nori, ebiko and kani.

yakimix podium

Paul has always been a smart buffet diner where he would zero in on just a few items but definitely those worth the money that he pays for. When dining at hotel buffets, he loves the king prawns and would fill his plate high with this. He loves steak and lamb and would rather skip the carbs for more meat. During our dinner at YakiMIX he made sure to try the US beef and seafood selections while I tried to add in four tiny pieces of cocktail hotdogs and two slices of ham to his dismay. :P

yakimix podium

I was a happy camper as my husband took care of the grill. Everything was delicious and this was also because of the yummy dipping sauce that he has prepared for us.

Unlike Paul who stuck to the meats and seafood, I gave in to temptation and tried the cooked dishes such as the Korean Chap Chae, Vegetable Curry and a lot more. Sadly, I wasn't very happy with it and wished I got more barbecue meat instead. It's a good thing I only got a few serving as YakiMIX has a strict No Leftover policy.

yakimix podium

After finishing our main dishes, we headed back to the buffet area for our own scoops of ice cream. Dessert was pretty ordinary as we noticed most cakes came from Red Ribbon and they also have Selecta ice cream in the chiller. I just got a few scoops of Cookies and Cream to cap my meal.

I recommend YakiMIX if you're a big eat-all-you-can fan. The meat were pretty ok but I highly suggest that you just stick to that and a few sushi selections but better to skip the hot dishes to save more space for the better stuff.

YakiMIX buffet rate:
Monday to Friday lunch : Php. 499
Monday to Friday dinner, Weekend all day: Php. 599
Children below 4ft: Php. 380
Drink all you can: Php. 75

YakiMIX is located at the 5th floor of The Podium Mall, 18 ADB avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City. For reservations call them at 634-0302 / 806-4331 / 584-7760.

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