Cake Wonderland at A La Creme in Pampanga

Let me tell you about the day I had the best cake in my LIFE!

It as a Saturday and Paul and I took a spur-of-the-moment trip back to his hometown in Pampanga. Yup, my dear husband is a true blue Cabalen (and he's really really proud of it!). Our plan was simply to go on a fun relaxed ride, have lunch, buy some pasalubong and grab a really good dessert on our way back home.

Lunch was at a restaurant that Paul has been bugging me to try as it's known to serve all sorts of exotic dishes such as stir-fried crickets, stuffed frogs and a lot more. I really do not get why on earth Paul would think I'd be brave enough to go on a an exotic food trip. Well, let me tell you more about that on my next entry.

For now, I'd like to share with you where we had dessert and the cake that truly made traveling all the way to Pampanga truly worth it.

a la creme pampanga

à La crème Cake Shop and Cafe is a local bakeshop that originated in Angeles, Pampanga a decade ago. Today, they have three branches around Pampanga and I'm sure they will continue to grow pretty soon. Paul first brought me there years ago saying how delicious their cakes are. Sadly, I do not have a sweet tooth so it really takes a special cake to wow me. We first tried the Belgian Chocolate Cake which impressed my sister but was a tad too sweet for my taste.

a la creme pampanga

Last Saturday, we decided to go back and try another cake. After all, everyone deserves a second chance, right? Staring at the glass chiller, I chose the Ube Macapuno Pound Cake with Walnuts (Php. 90). The name sounded promising thus I was hoping the taste would do justice to the yummy-sounding cake.

The cake had two layers with a thick ube icing in the middle which I think was the same icing covering the entire cake. I took a big slice from the bottom layer and the moment I took my first bite, my eyes lit up and I stared at Paul who was nodding profusely as he was obviously at a lost for words but was happy with what he has just tasted too.

We loved the cake! It wasn't very sweet and we can really taste the ube flavor in every bite. I love that you can feel a little chunky texture in some bites which I think can be attributed to the walnut and macapuno mixed into the cake. Paul tried the ube cookie on top of the cake and liked it as well.

This was a winner! I'm definitely going back to à La crème for more!! Next time, I'm taking home an entire cake to be able to share with my family too.

Visit à La crème Cake Shop and Cafe at the CTH Building, MacArthur Highway, Dolores, San Fernando in Pampanga. They also have two branches along MacArthur Highway and Balibago in Angeles, Pampanga.

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