Snack Time : Homemade Treasures Ensaymada

...and the snacking continues!

paul's 30th bday
The Food Club celebrates Paul's 30th birthday!!!

My husband Paul blew out his 30 birthday candles yesterday! He officially said goodbye to his twenties and gladly welcome the BIG 3-0! Aside from my non-stop teasing; I, together with his family, organized an intimate dinner to celebrate his birthday with our loved ones (his side and mine) and our dear friends a.k.a. The Food Club last Saturday. Despite the short notice, we are really blessed that almost everyone was able to make it. Thanks guys!! ♥

For his birthday, Richard, Irene and Lauren gave Paul a box of Homemade Treasures Ensaymada. It looks really pretty and premium as it's encased in a light brown box and tied with a golden ribbon.

homemade treasures 1

Paul normally skips breakfast as he would rather sleep till lunch especially during the weekends. I was surprised when we woke me up early on Sunday and invited me to have breakfast with him. I really wanted to sleep some more but when I remembered the box of ensaymada patiently waiting for us on the dining table, I immediately pulled myself up as I am feeling a bit hungry too.

We heated up the ensaymada to make the cheese and butter melt, the aroma of this rich pastry quickly filled the air making my stomach growl louder and louder. We had one huge piece of ensaymada each where I had mine with a tall glass of cold milk while Paul paired his with Milo.

homemade treasures 2

I forked through the pastry and noticed how fluffy it was. It's soft and buttery, just the way I like it. I just had to scrape a few sugar off as I find it a tad too sweet for my taste. Really, this is one rich ensaymada that anyone on a diet should stay away from. It's filled with everything deadly yet delicious -- butter, cheese and sugar. A perfect combination in making this local pastry truly a treasure to behold.

Reading the sticker on the box, we found out that this came from Porac, Pampanga. The good news is, no one has to drive that far to get a box of this mouthwatering treat as its readily available in Makati provided you order in advance.

I'm glad that I was able to try this yummy ensaymada! I'll definitely be ordering more in the coming weeks!

Price list:
Box of 6: Php. 450
Box of 12: Php. 900

Order Homemade Treasures ensaymada from Chona Ayson at 0928-5070928.

*price list and contact details taken from Tales from the Tummy

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