The Secret is OUT! : La Chesca Chicken Pie

Exactly a month ago, I suddenly had this weird midnight craving for my childhood favorite bakery called La Chesca. That prompted a shout out over at Facebook and Twitter asking anyone to give me leads if La Chesca still exists today. This led to friends expressing their love for La Chesca's specialties namely their Sapin Sapin, Maja Ube / Mais, Egg Pies and of course their homemade Chicken Pie.

la chesca

That truly showed me that I am not alone... I share my love for La Chesca with hundreds of people out there. I never gave up, even asking my Facebook friends to help me find the owners of the bakeshop.

Until one day... my Auntie H told me that she knows the owner of La Chesca and I can possibly text her to ask if she still accepts orders. My heart skipped a beat. This is it. I am THIS CLOSE to being able to enjoy my La Chesca favorites again. I wasted no time and texted the owner as soon as I got her number from Auntie H.

One day has passed and no reply... my heart sank. Either they no longer entertain orders or the owner has left the country for good.

merienda 1

I was ready to give up, I guess it's time for me to find another won't be easy though. To this day, nothing can compare to the smooth and delicious kakanins (rice cakes) and savory Chicken Pie of La Chesca.

That was until I got a reply and a good news that yes, I can order my favorite Chicken Pie (Php. 30) and Sapin Sapin (Php. 280) again!!

While La Chesca do not have any retail shops anymore, fans and loyal customers can still contact them for orders. So for Paul's birthday, I ordered a box of 9" Sapin Sapin for our guests and a small box of Chicken Pie for our personal consumption.

merienda 2

As soon as I got the Chicken Pie, I heated up a few pieces and had it for my afternoon snack. At first bite, memories of my childhood suddenly came rushing in. It was just like a scene from the movie Ratatouille where I recall frequenting the La Chesca Gilmore branch every afternoon after school. In fact, Chicken Pie became part of my and my sister's vocabulary simply because of the numerous times that we've had La Chesca's chicken pie.

The pastry wrapper was soft, a bit flaky yet not dry. I love the chopped tender chicken meat and potatoes inside. Since I am not a fan of raisins, I'm glad that La Chesca has never included raisins in their Chicken Pie.

The Sapin-Sapin was delicious! Soft and chewy just the way I remember it to be. Unfortunately, since Paul and I were so busy entertaining our guests that evening, I forgot to take a photo of it. Still, my favorite was the yellow layer which was the Maja Mais. It has just the right amount of sweetness and I'm surprised that it is still priced at P280 after all these years.

Now, the secret is out!

For all those who have been missing your La Chesca favorites all these years, simply contact them at 0917-8660606.

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