turns F-O-U-R!!!!

My mom gave me a cake today and would you like to guess what it's for?

No, I didn't get a promotion at work (how I wish I did though *ahem*).

No, I didn't win the lottery...

and No, no baby yet in my tummy! (However, I know every single member of my family is praying for this one to come hehe!)

happy 4th anniversary

It's because she knows that is turning a year older and my ever-supportive mom just had to make sure we celebrate this milestone thus she came home with not a slice of cake, not even a cheap cake but a huge Tiramisu from Cafe Ysabel!

So after dinner, we cleared out the table and plates and out came the huge box containing this lovely cake.

happy 4th anniversary 2

Of course, a few photo op was in order and Mom stuck 4 cute candles into my cake, lit it up and told me to blow.

Poor Papa, he was so confuse as he knows it wasn't my birthday but he couldn't understand why there was a cake bought for me and why on earth am I blowing four candles out. Obviously, my Dad who doesn't use the computer has never visited this blog. :P

Well dear readers, I can't believe it has been four whole years since I wrote my very first entry. We've gone through hundreds of restaurant visits, miles and miles traveled around the globe and a couple of blog contests here and there. Expect much more fun discoveries and interesting stories on my 4th year! :) Thank you for always visiting and hope to be able to meet all of you someday!

l♥ve l♥ts,

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