Snack Time: San Lo's Famous by Ana

I love to snack. In fact, I always find snacking exciting as the choices are pretty much endless! What I snack on basically depends on my mood. At times, I am happy with a bowl of yogurt with some sliced almonds and crushed graham while on another day I want something heavier say, a bowl of mac and cheese.

It's Snack Time! : A Four-Part Series

I open this week with a four-part series on four different snack items that I highly recommend that you try soon. These were the ones that I snacked on this weekend and I was pretty please with all of them. Now, I know some of you might wonder how can I have four snacks in a two-day weekend...well...that's the Frannywanny power! *sly grin*

Let me start with my newest yummy discovery, after running some errands and before heading to Unimart to do our grocery shopping, I saw a new store that has just opened at the V-Mall Garden (near the chapel) in Greenhills. I quickly pulled Paul to check the store out and as I get closer I felt my heart skip a beat. I immediately recognized the store name and boy am I so glad that they finally decided to open in Greenhills!

san lo empanada 3

I first came to know about San Lo's Famous Empanada years ago when I used to frequent the Rockwell Baker's Dozen. I've tried some of their samples however I wasn't able to actually have one whole empanada to myself to fully appreciate the taste.

san lo empanada 1

Fast forward to the time when Paul and I had dinner at Va Bene with our friends L and T. L texted me if I know about San Lo's Empanada because their shop is right beside the restaurant and I told L to wait for me because I wanted to buy a box too. So she patiently waited for me only for us to find out that it closes at exactly 7 and we were not able to buy any as Paul and I arrived way past their closing time. Oops!

san lo empanada 4

Finally, I had my chance last Saturday where I met Ana, the talented lady behind those famous empanadas (and tortas, and sans rival, etc). Taking her advice, I got a piece of Jamon Y Queso (Php. 85) and a Pastel de Pollo (Php. 85) to go. It took me a while to get home and try this but I was surprised that the empanadas stayed warm for almost an hour since I bought it.

san lo empanada 5

I first tried the Jamon Y Queso a.k.a. Ham and Cheese, it was truly love at first bite...and second and third...up until the last! The sweet ham, salty melted cheese and crunchy empanada wrappper was truly a delight to eat. I shared this with Paul and we bought agreed that this was a winner!

We loved the crunchy deep-fried empanada wrapper so much that we didn't mind that it was bit too oily. We both think that this was actually the reason that made San Lo's Empanada that FAMOUS. Deep-fried empanada with delicious filling truly makes a great afternoon snack.  

Our second choice was the Pastel de Pollo which was pretty good too but after enjoying the Jamon Y Queso, it sadly just came as second best. Still, if you love chicken empanada, expect this to be a creamier version and the chicken fillet really tender.

san lo empanada 2

On my next return, I'm curious to try the other empanadas such as one with prawns inside, honeycured steak *drool* and smoked salmon! In addition to these, they also have a wide-array of desserts from Tortas, Cakes and Bars.Thank goodness I do not have to travel far to enjoy a good snack.

Visit San Lo's Famous at the V-Mall Garden, Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas in San Juan City. Call them at 736-0823.

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