Happy happy Hapadog!!!

I just love the feeling of being happy while eating! Yes, that truly sounded very much like a glutton talking but eating makes me happy and what I love most is when I dine at a restaurant that just gives a very happy vibe all together.

This was how I felt the moment Paul and I discovered Hapadog at the Sky Garden of SM City North EDSA. We rarely reach this part of town but whenever there's a need to drive all the way to the north, we have to ensure we make the most of it. I've been hearing about Hapadog from my friend Richard who has been inviting The Food Club to check it out together. Due to all our conflicting schedules, it has been months since Richard's initial invite and sadly this plan still hasn't pushed through.

Luckily, Paul and I found Hapadog which was strategically located beside Gong Cha and is just a few steps away from Starbucks Coffee. As we entered the very tiny restaurant, the server immediately handed us the menu and the first thing that I noticed were the different hotdog sandwiches that they offer.

hapadog 2

Hapadog gives a very Japanese feel and specializes in creative hotdog sandwiches. I love hotdogs thus my excitement rapidly increased as I browsed through their menu. Paul and I chose the basic Hapadog (Php. 155) as we figured that this is their house specialty given that it bares the name of the restaurant. This sandwich is serves with sweet caramelized onions, special Hapasauce, wasabi mayo, nori flakes and spring onions. I actually liked it! The sausage was perfectly grilled making it a better choice vs. the deep-fried ones.

I love the sweet flavor brought by the caramelized onions as it marries with the salty Hapasauce and the spicy wasabi mayo. Indeed, it was a mix of flavor and definitely an amazing treat for my tastebuds.

Aside from the Hapadog, I am curious to try the Californippon since I love California Maki and how can I say no to mangoes, kani and ebiko? Another hotdog sandwich that I'll surely try is the Korroke Dog simply because I love authentic Japanese korroke -- deep-fried potato snack with tonkatsu sauce. Yum!

hapadog 3

Aside from the Hapadog, we also tried the Hapa-nese Nachos (Php. 75). Paul, who normally is not a big nachos fan, just kept on munching and nodding all throughout as he loved the crisp nacho chips topped with ground beef, chopped tomatoes, onions, nori flakes and a mix of Japanese and wasabi mayo! I just noticed that some chips were a bit burned thus some were quite bitter otherwise it makes a delicious siding or an accompaniment when drinking perhaps.

hapadog 1

It was perfect timing that we also met Karen who is one of the proud owners of Hapadog. I love her happy vibe as she excitedly pointed out their specialties and the things we will remember to try on our next visit. Being a very gracious host, she made us try this interesting drink called Ramune Strawberry Soda wherein you have to press this blue button down and out comes the fizz so be ready with some table napkins as you'll surely make a small mess but I promise you the experience is truly fun!

We shared one bottle of Strawberry Soda and loved it! It wasn't very sweet and it actually went well with our nachos and Hapadog too.

hapadog 4

For those who are not fond of sodas, well you should try their Lychee Iced Tea which was also pretty good as well. I love the fact that their drinks are not very sweet to the point that it will give you a sore throat after. The lychee was a good touch as it made the drink even more refreshing. However, between the two, I'd still go for the Ramune Strawberry Soda on my return.

I hope Hapadog will finally expand and come over to the Ortigas area. I really envy the people living in the north as they can frequent Hapadog and the growing number of interesting restaurants found in the area more often.

Have a happy Hapadog day! :)

Hapadog is located at the Sky Garden of SM City North EDSA, North Avenue corner EDSA in Quezon City.  Click here to visit their official website.

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