Where in the world is Frannywanny?

I was supposed to be on a vacation today...in fact, if only my flight has pushed through I would have landed at Silay Airport in Bacolod at this very moment. Sadly, due to some airline trouble which includes a huge strike waiting to happen today and downsizing of manpower which has caused a lot of flights to be canceled, here I am in Manila...sulking.

It has been a while since I've been out of town and I was particularly excited for this one as Paul and I were supposed to attend the wedding of my dear friend Jas tomorrow. Not even my McDonald's Longganisa Meal can cheer me up this morning. I guess I'll just head over to the Negros Trade Fair at the Rockwell Tent this weekend where I'll have my Chicken Inasal and sweets.

I love to travel, having been bitten by the travel bug at a young age I really can't last a year without going out of town at the very least. Last year was the best year for me as Paul and I have been out of the country multiple times after our BIG day.

I chanced upon this World Travel Map online and proceeded to check countries that I've been to. Guess what, I've only visited 5% of the world and I still have 95% to go!

I'm 29 and by the time I reach 60 I hope to be able to travel to these countries:
Cambodia . More parts of China (Beijing and Shanghai) . Macau . South Korea . Japan. Vietnam . More parts of the USA . Canada . England . France . Germany . Italy . Greece . Ireland . Spain . Switzerland . Czech Republic . Australia . New Zealand . and a lot lot more!!!!

Will I be able to do it? Let us cross our fingers together! :)

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