Comfort meets Fashion with Yosi Samra Ballet Flats

I've always been a flip-flop loving girl.

My weekend get-up consists of my comfy denim shorts, cotton shirt and my favorite pair of flipflops. I love heading to the mall or my favorite weekend market in this attire. Rarely do I get to wear heels during the weekend as I try to make my feet and lower back rest as wearing heels from Mondays to Fridays can really put a strain on them.

In fact, I also keep a pair of flip-flops in my office cabinet just in case my feet are loudly calling out for help. Most of the time though, as comfy as my flipflops can be, I know I always have to keep a proper look and flipflops is totally a no-no when trying to look professional in the office. How I wish there are really nice flats that goes well with my dressy top or skinny cut jeans.

yosi samra 1

Then came a tiny black bag that was delivered to my doorstep. In front reads the name Yosi Samra and after much research, I found out that it's the name of a very talented shoe designer who has created these cool ballet fold up flats.

yosi samra

I excitedly opened the bag and tried on this pair of Navy Blue Yosi Samra flats. Just like how the glass slippers perfectly fit Cinderella's dainty feet, these soft and lightweight ballet flats perfectly suited mine. In fact, the dark blue color made my feet all the more whiter! Snow White, is that you?

I've bought a couple of ballet flats before but none lasted more than a month as I always complain that the bone or shoe tag hurts the back of my ankles and worst even causing tiny wounds on them. Obviously, it's not very fashionable to have a band aid plastered on my feet all the time! Other ballet flats were just too flat that I don't feel any protection on my feet should I happen to step on a stone or worst, a pointy nail.

yosi samra 2

Despite being able to fold up to fit a 4.5" x 3" package, I'm pretty impressed with how sturdy and comfy the soles were. Look how they have put so much attention to details! I love the logo monogram on the soles! I also liked the stitching seen on the soles and all over my pair of shoes!

It's the perfect travel shoe as you can just slip it into the tiny bag and into your travel bag! It won't even take up any luggage space which is actually perfect for me as Paul always complains why I have to bring more than one pair of shoes! *sigh* Some things men will never understand.

yosi samra

There may be hundreds of ballet flats out there that will definitely cost less than a Yosi Samra Ballet Flats but taking the words of wisdom of my dad, it's important to invest on shoes as it carries your entire the weight of your entire body and just imagine the comfort it'll bring whenever there's a need for you to walk all day long especially when you travel.

This is a great fashion find and I'm so thankful for being able to receive a comfy pair that I'll take with me on my next travel destination. Treat yourself this Christmas with a pair of Yosi Samra fold up ballet flats and I'm sure your feet will thank you for it.

Yosi Samra is available at GAS in Greenbelt 3 in Makati and TriNoMa Mall in Quezon City *updated: I was told there's no GAS in Trinoma anymore (thanks Celine)

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