Weekend Getaway at Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel

Sometimes I just dream of the sea...and the feel of the powdery sand underneath my feet. At times I just want to go far far away from the crazy hustle and bustle of the city, turning my phones off as I just want time for myself and myself alone.

These moments I thank Him for blessing my country, the Philippines, with an abundance of beautiful scenic spots that doesn't have to cost us an arm and a leg to get close to. Moments like this I'm thankful that I had the luxury of time to take a weekend off and to fly to the paradise island called Boracay where I spent two wonderful days swimming, bonding with Paul and pampering myself to the fullest...all in one memorable weekend.

boracay mandarin 2

As soon as our private boat c/o Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel reached Cagban Port, I felt my heart skipped a beat as I was totally psyched to finally have a short vacation amidst our busy Christmas schedule. We were quickly whisked off towards Station 2 where our resort for the weekend is located. I've never stayed at this part of Boracay before as I always thought that only Station 1 has the best beachfront. Well...I was just about to be proven wrong.

boracay mandarin 1

We arrived at the lobby of Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel and were offered a glass of refreshing Mango Juice and a cold towel to which I happily placed on top of my forehead to cool myself down. What a nice welcome!

boracay mandarin 4

After going through the quick check-in SOPs, we were handed our room keys and up we went to the third floor towards our Premier Deluxe Sea View room, our little sanctuary for the next 24 hours or so. Our room is quite big...actually the biggest that we've been from all our stays in Boracay. It is adjacent to another Premier Deluxe Sea View Room which is perfect for big families who can't all fit in one room but would still want to stay close to each other.

I love the huge canopy king sized bed which was so big and comfy that for a while there, I just wanted to snuggle under the sheets all day long. If only we're staying for a week then I wouldn't have had second thoughts.

boracay mandarin 7

Our room has a beautiful view of both the pool and the sea. I'd say, we got one of the best balcony views in the hotel! It's completely furnished with a tatami bed, an LCD TV, a mini bar and is well-lit which I really appreciated as I totally dislike dark or dimly lit hotel rooms. We also got complimentary broadband internet access! Hooray for bloggers and internet fanatics!

boracay mandarin 6

Don't you just love this romantic towel art?

boracay mandarin 5

Our bathroom was pretty spacious, not the biggest that I've seen but is well-equip with a medium-sized bath tub, a toilet with bidet and a complete set of toiletries.

I liked how they would leave cute notes and reminders every time we leave our room. They also have an evening turndown service which really gives a nice personalized touch.

The resort has 52 bedrooms and suites in 9 different categories. We were able to peek into some of the rooms wherein some I made a mental note to consider on my next return.

boracay mandarin 10

The Deluxe Room is the most basic room in the house with two queen sized beds. Despite its smaller floor area (25.46 sqm), they still made sure not to scrimp on the amenities and bed size too.

boracay mandarin 8

The room most similar to ours was the Grand Deluxe Poolside which is located at the Ground Floor. It looks exactly like our room save for the very dramatic-looking bathroom. You'll really feel like Cleopatra while bathing here!

boracay mandarin 11

The Penthouse Suite is located at the topmost floor of the hotel and has its private entrance near the elevator. We were told that a number of notable guests have actually stayed here as they enjoy the privacy and anonymity while relaxing in Boracay. This room has its own bar area where you can actually avail of a butler service should you choose to throw a small party in your room. It has a really pretty view of the surroundings too.

Mandarin Grand Suite 1

We also saw the Mandarin Grand Suite otherwise known as the Juanito Suite which is the biggest room in the entire hotel. It has its own private pool, a living room with TV, a bedroom with also a canopy king size bed and a bigger bathtub too. This is a room perfect for royalty as you can totally unwind and entertain guests at the comforts of your own room.

ambassador suite

If there would be one suite that I'd choose to be in, it would be the Ambassador Suite also known as the Don Juan Suite. It has its own jacuzzi and patio where you can chitchat and bond with friends. Inside, the living room can actually be converted into a dining room with the bar area nearby. I find the size just right where after an action-packed day outdoors, I can find solace and relaxation in the big comfy bed.

All suites are also equipped with an iPod dock where you can play your favorite beach tunes to get you into the Boracay mood.

boracay mandarin 12

Heading to Boracay for a business trip? No worries! Boracay Mandarin Island Resort actually has a couple of function rooms that you can rent for a very reasonable fee. They can easily customized your package based on your specifications. Whatever your needs are, Boracay Mandarin Island Resort will surely make things easy for you! They also have a Business Center that offers complimentary use of computers with high-speed Internet access, a fax machine and more.

The hotel is within walking distance to D'Mall where you can easily walk to whenever you would like to grab a snack or to check out some retail stores for pasalubongs. The beach front is beautiful and well-maintained as they have installed orange umbrellas for all hotel guests and there's always resort staffs on stand-by to assist you. I also highly recommend buying some fresh buco (coconut) from the Bucos Bar and Grill. :)

The search is finally OVER. 

boracay mandarin 9

I can't believe it took us this long to find such a great resort in Boracay. We're really happy with our stay and will surely be back again and again. Everything from the room down to the location even to the pretty beach front perfectly suited our taste. Who would have thought that we'd find a gem amidst the busy party atmosphere of Station 2?

This is my sanctuary.

Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel is my island paradise home away from home.

*photo credits: Paul Ang and Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel (Mandarin Grand Suite)

Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel is located at Station 2, Beachfront, Balabag, Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines. Contact them at +632 5675672 / +632 5671750 or email them at reservation@boracaymandarin.com. Like their Official Facebook Page!

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