Christmas Shopping at Deal Grocer

I never thought I'd get THIS busy.

Don't get me wrong, I am truly thankful for all the blessings showered upon us and let it shower even more! We've been spending our weekends doing the rounds with our dear peanut distributors and Paul, especially, has been busy taking orders and allocating stocks for our customers. Our entrepreneurial dreams are slowly becoming a reality and we're truly grateful for that. ♥

As we've been spending most of our waking hours on our business, we really haven't had the time to head to the mall to do our Christmas shopping..and Christmas is just two weeks away!!

Once in a while, I'd inject a short shopping trip in between work and dinner but more often than not, I'd go home empty handed as it's really hard to choose and decide under great time constrains and set shopping budget. Can you relate with this?

deal grocer

It's a good thing though that my Christmas list is not totally empty. A month ago, I purchased a couple of coupons from my favorite group buying site -- Deal Grocer. One coupon allows me to get 4 Boxes of Sumptuous Boursin Cheese with Garlic Toast. I plan to give these out to our couple friends.

maia and king's boursin cheese

It's no secret that I love cheese and after trying a box of this delicious Boursin Cheese set from King and Maia's, I was even more excited to share this with my friends as I'm sure they'll love it too. It's also a big plus that it's encased in a pretty Tiffany-blue box that makes it look oh-so-premium! This is one reason why I love Deal Grocer, they partner with choice brands that makes really good Christmas gifts.

With two weeks left before Christmas Day, I'm starting to feel a slight wave of panic inside. I don't think I have the time to head out to the mall and if ever I get to do so, I am not that hopeful that I'd find something good right away.

deal grocer

I thought of browsing through the Deal Grocer site this evening and I was surprised that they have a wider array of choices compared to ordinary days. While they used to have categories such as "This Week Only" and "Getaways", this season they have also added in "Style", "Celebrations" and "Christmas". I spent a good hour going through each item and it didn't felt as stressful as it would probably have been had I've been walking around the mall today.

Ready for a secret?

Here are some things that I'm planning to get for my dear family members:

1) Shopping spree at Religioso for my little sister Pan

deal grocer

It was actually a choice between a spa treatment or a shopping spree and knowing how my sister just loves to shop for clothes, I think this gift would delight her as she would definitely want a new set of wardrobe for Christmas.

2) Php. 1,500 worth of items from Cooks Exchange for my dear Mommy

deal grocer

My Mom is an amazing cook! Not only is she great in the kitchen, she can bake too! Now, I guess you all know why I love to eat and that's because I grew up enjoying my Mom's yummy dishes. As often as she loves to cook and to whip up her very own creations, I think it's also time for her to update her kitchen utensils and a trip to Cooks Exchange is just perfect, don't you think?

3) Illy Red Espresso Machine for my coffee-loving Papa

deal grocer

My Dad's day will never be complete without a cup of freshly brewed coffee. He would have it together with his breakfast and he would even go out in the afternoon to have coffee at our neighborhood coffee shop. He loves his coffee bold and strong. Most of the time, he would tell us that he loves Illy coffee. I'm definitely getting this for my beloved Papa.

4) Little Tikes Mobile for my cute godchildren

deal grocer

Since I'm not a Mommy yet, normally I'm left dumb-founded come Christmas time on what to give to our precious godchildren. I thought of giving all of them clothes but I'm not sure if it would fit them as I know kids grow so fast! Normally, I'd just go around and around the toy store following recommendations given by promo merchandisers..yes, I'm THAT clueless. Seeing this at the Deal Grocer site, I'm sure my godson will love it! It's also a good thing that I'm familiar with the brand and I know that this is safe to give.

Since I just love bargain shopping as the price-offs really give me that sense of satisfaction, shopping at Deal Grocer allows you to get really good gifts at less the price. Deal Grocer has partnered with more than 200 establishments and brands ensuring their members of high quality products at budget-friendly price tags. This is mainly the reason why it has been a habit of mine to log in to the Deal Grocer site on a weekly basis.

Check out the various deals that I've availed with Deal Grocer already:
Sisterly Love at Borough (Podium Mall)
Ilustrado Restaurant in Intramuros, Manila
Our 1st Wedding Anniversary at Discovery Suites ♥
Spanish Flair at Alba Restaurante Espanol
Chubby's Rib Shack in Makati

I'm really a FAN!! :)

This Christmas, save time and energy with just a few clicks. Do your Christmas shopping at Deal Grocer now!!

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