Pinkberry is finally here in Manila!

My US trip last February was really memorable. For one thing, it was my first long-haul flight and I was so proud that I've survived! You see, I easily get airsick that a short flight to Hong Kong or Singapore would normally make me want to throw up. My Dad found a great solution by giving a pair of ear plugs as the high cabin pressure makes me dizzy. Still, I wasn't so sure if my ear plugs will work wonders all throughout our 12hr+ flight....well, it did and I had a great time enjoying the food and walking around the plane from time to time.

Another thing that made my trip memorable was that it started as a business trip and ended as a fun 1.5 week long personal trip for Paul and yours truly. We were able to reunite with our California-based relatives and to bond with them given the short vacation time we have. Nothing beats spending quality time and catching up with family.

Lastly, it was also the first time that I've experienced what 9 degrees Celsius feels like. It was so cold that despite my four-layer of clothing, I can feel the cold air down to my bones. "Never again", I always tell myself. I'm definitely shopping for more coats, gloves and bonnets to keep me warmer for my upcoming trip.

Still, despite the cold weather, our last stop during our last night in California was at a pretty Pinkberry store in this quiet neighborhood in Sta. Monica. It was a brisk walk from where we had dinner with my cousin Jeff. I was shivering like crazy that I sadly had to turn down the offer to try a cup of yogurt that evening. The server was really nice though to give me a sampler cup which I enjoyed very much.

pinkberry 1

Less than a month after our trip, I got word from former colleagues that Pinkberry is opening in Manila!! Hooray! Now, I don't have to feel so sad about not being able to try Pinkberry in the US as I can easily have as many cups as I want as soon as it opens here.

The wait is finally over!

Pinkberry finally opens its doors to all yogurt fans in Manila just this December! Of course, this was the only thing on my To-do list when Mom told me that we're heading to Greenbelt with my Grandparents on Christmas Day. We got there just in time for our afternoon snack and I invited everyone to have yogurt at Pinkberry!

pinkberry 4

I love the big glass facade and the pink-green color motif. It's located beside Chateau 1771 and Mr. Jones in Greenbelt 5. We were warmly greeted by the local servers as they gladly gave us samples of their different flavors. After all, there are 6 different yogurt flavors to choose from -- Original, Green Tea, Watermelon, Mango, Pomegranate and Chocolate.

I was able to try the Original, Watermelon, Mango and Chocolate. The watermelon tasted very much like the Original only it's sweeter. The Mango and Chocolate were also very good that it's perfect for those who doesn't want the flavor of yogurt at all. However, Paul and I went for the Original as we still love the creamy, tarty flavor for a frozen yogurt.

The pricing is more organized here at Pinkberry. It's either you get it plain or with a specific number of toppings already.  They also give you the option to have your yogurt in a cone which works well for people on the go. I just wonder how they can add the toppings in without making a mess.

pinkberry 3

Speaking of toppings, they have a wide-array to choose from too! From fresh cut fruits to cereals, from chocolates to candies and more!

pinkberry 5

We got a small cup of Original yogurt with toppings (Php. 155). This allows us to choose two toppings to go with our yogurt. We chose the fresh strawberries which was in season and some mango cubes too. I also requested for an additional waffle topping (Php. 40) after seeing my sister's yogurt cup.

pinkberry 6

My family also enjoyed trying and finally deciding on their yogurt combinations. My Kongkong (grandfather) enjoyed his cup of Original Pinkberry with Kiwi and Strawberry. Don't you think he's so cool? :) He's the ultimate foodie of the family and it's no wonder that I took after his love for food and our mutual dislike towards green peas *yuck*.

pinkberry 2

Pan had the Chocolate Pinkberry and Waffle. She really liked her yogurt very much and she wants me to tell you guys that. :) I'm definitely trying this next time.

They also have a couple of yogurt varieties available on the menu such as the Fresh Fruit Parfait  (Php. 245) and the Yogurt Smoothie (Php. 185). For those who are conscious about their calorie intake, don't worry as all calorie info are also listed on the menu. 

I'm so happy that Pinkberry is finally here and that it's being operated by the same group who owns Starbucks Coffee Philippines. At least we can be assured of top customer service and food quality at all times. :)

Pinkberry is located at the Ground Floor, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center in Makati City.

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