Po Suk Jung -- Korean BBQ Restaurant in Pasig

One rainy Sunday, Paul and I joined Richard, Irene and our favorite playmate Lauren for dinner. We decided to try Po Suk Jung, a Korean restaurant located in Brgy. Oranbo, Pasig. I've been noticing this restaurant that actually looks like a huge garage from outside ever since I started working in Mandaluyong three years ago.

We got there quite early for dinner and were surprised that the parking lot was almost full. Good thing, even without a reservation, we were able to get a good table near the huge TV set that kept Lauren pre-occupied all throughout dinner time.

pok suk gung appetizers

Just with any Korean meal, ours started with a lot of appetizers (banchan). Unlike those served at other Korean restaurants where there's a mix of spicy and non-spicy fare; here, they have more spicy appetizers which for me was pretty manageable since I like eating kimchi a lot. My favorite though were the fish cakes. I also love the complimentary egg custard that's very similar to our Chinese home-cooked Tim Neng (Steamed Egg with Ground Pork) minus the minced pork.

Since both Irene and Richard were still very full from their delicious eat-all-you-can lunch, we decided to just order a few dishes to be shared by the four of us.

po suk jung 2

We had the Dweji Galbi (Php. 300) -- grilled Pork Spare Ribs marinated in their homemade sweet and chili sauce. Since we were seated inside, we're not allowed to cook on our table which was ok as I wasn't in the mood to smell like grilled meat at the end of our meal. The pork was tender yet I find the serving a bit too small given the price. I guess this is the problem when we're just so used to dining at a specific Korean restaurant that we tend to compare. To be fair though, I appreciated that we were all given sauces and dips that there was no reason for us to call our server to ask for more.

It was only after our meal that I found out that Po Suk Jung is known for their Sam Gyub Sal (pork belly/bacon). I'll make sure to try this next time.

po suk jung 1

In addition to this, we also had the Jabche / Chapchae (Php. 250). I always like ordering this noodle dish as it somehow measures how good or authentic a Korean restaurant is. I'm happy to report that Po Suk Jung has one of the best Jabche/Chapchae in town and they surely have passed my test with flying colors. The noodles had a good bite and it wasn't overly filled with meat and veggies. Yum!

po suk jung 3

Lastly, we also had the Hemul Pajeon (Php. 350) which is also another favorite Korean dish of mine. We all enjoyed the chewy Korean style pancake filled with seafood and vegetables. The serving was quite big that I even had two slices left for lunch the next day. I love biting into the tiny bits of squid and shrimp. It was flavorful enough that there's really no need to dip into the sauce that was served with it.

po suk jung 4

Our dinner ended with a bowl of watermelon which wasn't as juicy as we were expecting it to be. Sadly they ran out of pineapple which was a staple dessert in Korean restaurants.

po suk jung 5

We truly had a pleasant experience and I can't wait to go back to Po Suk Jung with my parents this time. I'm sure they'll enjoy this as they love Korean food too.

po suk jung map

Po Suk Jung is located at 100 Oranbo Drive, Brgy. Oranbo, Pasig City. Call them at 634-2010, 0917-5268989.

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