Yakitori Kitchen at the Burgos Circle

I love Japanese food! It's my ultimate comfort cuisine and luckily, there seems to be a surge of Japanese restaurants opening here and there.

yakitori kitchen

A week ago, The Food Club was invited to try Yakitori Kitchen, owned and managed by the same group as Ramen Bar. Upon receiving the invite, Paul and I immediately sent our confirmation. We were so excited that we were actually the first to arrive that evening.

yakitori soup

While waiting for the group to be complete, we were served with a bowl of Chicken Broth Soup which I find very refreshing. It actually reminds me of the yummy Emperor's Soup of Sugi. I loved it so much that I had two bowls of this for dinner that evening.

I was able to meet the man behind Yakitori Kitchen and he explained that Yaki means Grill/Grilling while Tori means Chicken in Japanese. This was after I asked him how come they have mostly chicken parts listed in the menu. I didn't mind at all as I love chicken! For those who are not big fans of chicken though, don't fret as they also have other skewered items available too.

Yakitori items are always served in barbecue sticks. One order comes with two sticks already and while you may think that it looks pretty light, I could hardly move after feeling so full at the end of our meal.

Let me share with you the 14 different types of Yakitori that we were able to sample that evening:

yakitori asubei

Asubei (Php. 140) - Asparagus wrapped in Bacon
Though I'm not a big fan of bacon, I enjoyed a stick of this as it went perfectly well with the crunchy asparagus. I'm happy that the bacon had more lean meat too.

yakitori bonchili

Bonchili (Php. 150) - Chicken Tail
This is how I indulge. Piece by piece I munched into the soft and juicy Chicken Tail. I know this is high in cholesterol but we only live once, don't we? :)

yakitori chikubei

Chikubei (Php. 120) - Chikuwa wrapped in Bacon
A personal favorite. I love these seafood cakes that's so chewy and flavorful. It can actually do without the bacon but for a more meaty flavor, consume them both. :)

yakitori corn

Corn (Php. 85)
I gave Lauren my piece as I can't take any corn. According to Paul though it was very juicy yet a bit too salty that the rough salt texture made his lips feel raw after consuming a piece.

yakitori jagabei

Jagabei (Php. 140) - Potato wrapped in Bacon
I think this will definitely be a hit with the kids! Who can ever say no to potato and bacon, after all? At first glace, I thought the potato was actually a slice of cheese! Another favorite of mine :) Yum!

yakitori kamaboko

Kamaboko (Php. 95) - Crabcakes
Another yummy non-chicken items on the menu! It's actually my first time to try grilled crabcakes as I usually have them fried. I love how it was well seasoned with a Japanese sweet sauce making this truly addicting.

yakitori kawa

Kawa (Php. 80) - Chicken Skin
I specifically requested for this and even after having all 13 other Yakitori sticks, I enjoyed ending my meal with a stick of heart-stopping Chicken Skin that's perfectly grilled making it crunchy and sweet.

yakitori momo

Momo (Php. 100) - Chicken Leg Meat
My favorite part of the chicken. I enjoyed the Momo as it's very juicy and soft. This is surely one of Yakitori Kitchen's must-try!

yakitori momo ninniku

Momo Ninniku (Php. 120) - Chicken Leg Meat with Garlic
For those who wants it more flavorful, order this instead as the chicken meat alternates with a piece of grilled garlic.

yakitori ninniku

Ninniku (Php. 50) - Garlic
We were told that the Japanese loves having sticks of grilled garlic to go while drinking. I tried a piece and noticed that it was in fact quite sweet and has a butter-like texture.

yakitori tebasaki

Tebasaki (Php. 120) - Chicken Wing
For those who longs chicken wings but do not want to go through the trouble of removing the bones, then this is the best option for you. All you have to do is to pick up a stick and to bite into the tender chicken meat that's grilled and seasoned to perfection.

yakitori tsukune

Tsukune (Php. 120) - Minced Chicken Ball
Everyone seems to love this while I find it pretty ordinary. It tasted very much like my Kongkong's meatballs only my grandfather's version has bits of water chesnuts giving it a bit of crunch in every bite.

yakitori uzura

Uzura (Php. 95) - Quail Egg
Take this with caution as three tiny quail eggs is said to be equivalent to having one whole chicken egg. We enjoyed this very much though thus it will definitely be hard to control. :) Maybe alternate this with a stick of Ninniku?

yakitori yagen

Yagen (Php. 140) - Chicken Keel Bone
This is perfect for those who enjoys every bit of their chicken down to the bones and cartilages. Paul and I love biting into the chicken tendons and cartilages thus we enjoyed a stick of the Yagen very much.

yakitori curry chahan 2

We really had a lot and there's actually more listed in the menu! To go with our Yakitori sticks, we had a bowl of Curry Chahan (Php. 180) which reminds me so much of Pepper Lunch's Curry Beef Rice. As soon as the bowls were laid down on the table, we can smell the spicy aroma of the rice and each bite was simply bursting with so much flavor. This really went perfectly well with our Yakitori sticks!


Among all the 14 sticks that I've tried my favorites include the Chikubei, Momo Ninniku and the calorific but totally satisfying Bonchili.

Yakitori Kitchen is a fun place to hang out after a busy day at work. The place is pretty small so I suggest that you go early to secure a table. I can't wait to go back to have more Yakitori sticks, the Chahan and more!

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Yakitori Kitchen is located at the Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio Global City. It's along the same strip as Sweet Bella and Bar Dolci to name a few.

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