Log Cabin Love: Forest House in Baguio

You can't have it all...

At first look, we all fell in love with Forest House's interior. The cozy log cabin feel, the pretty bed and breakfast rooms and the big fireplace that will greet you as you enter the main dining hall. It was a perfect hang out spot in a cold place like Baguio City. This is the reason why it is also highly recommended that you make a reservation as the place easily gets filled up despite arriving early at the restaurant.

forest house 1

It was our second time to dine at Forest House and this time Paul and I know better. It was after waiting to get a table for more than thirty minutes during our first visit that we realized that it's best to give the restaurant a call as early as possible.

This time, sure we got a table but they can't fit us in the main dining hall anymore and we were placed at the annex which was far from where most servers were. Thus, we had a really hard time looking for a server, ordering our food and worst, waiting for our bill.

Despite the long wait, we all kept optimistic and prayed hard that the food will do justice and will make the wait and hassle all worth it.

So did it?

During my first visit, I remembered enjoying my food at Forest House. As usual, I shared my meal with Paul. It's a habit that we can't seem to let go of while traveling. Somehow, we always end up sharing our food but still ordering a whole lot to try. :P

forest house 4

Our meal began with a big bread bowl of Pumpkin Soup. It was rich, creamy with tiny bits of pumpkin chunks in between bites. It was good, not overly milky however the bread was very hard and tasted quite stale. Wish it was freshly baked as I would love to dip a few pieces in my soup.

forest house 2

Together with our soup, we get given Forest House's complimentary crackers which was really good. I love how this thin and crisp crackers can be so addicting! We even asked for extra plates of this as even the kids enjoyed munching on it.

forest house 3

Paul and I shared to main dishes that evening. First was actually part of the appetizer category in the menu -- the Homemade Bagnet which I was excited to try after reading about it here online. The bagnet came in thin slices with two types of atcharas (preserved vegetables). I personally enjoyed the atchara more than the meat as it had way to much fat which I ended up pushing to the farthest side of my plate. I also noticed that the skin wasn't as crunchy as I was hoping it to be.

forest house 5

We also tried the Twin Pork Chops with Apple Sauce. Thanksgiving was just around the corner when we visited Baguio and why not have a mini pre-celebration Filipino style? The pork chops were tender and juicy and I loved the sweet touch of the apple sauce. Each chops were sliced a bit too thinly compared to normal but we didn't mind as we enjoyed this very much. Wish we got one plate each as we ended up hungry later that evening since this was served with only two small scoops of mashed potato and no rice. I wonder if they're open to swapping their side dishes depending on their customer's preference. Has anyone tried doing this already?

Food wasn't so bad but since we were all so happy with our lunch at Hill Station, this one paled in comparison. It also didn't help that service was very slow wherein we even encountered a server who seems to be clueless about the menu and would just answer "I don't know" when asked about certain things. It also took forever to get the bill. I'm not sure if its because of the overwhelming crowd at the main dining hall or perhaps the very underman staff or simply they just need help to make service more speedy and efficient.

Forest House is still a must-visit for the beautiful ambiance however do make sure to call way in advance and to secure a table at the main dining hall to get the servers' undivided attention.

*photo credits: Paul Ang (food), Forest House website (map)

forest house map

Forest House is located at 16 Loakan Road, Baguio City. Call them at +6374-447-0459 /+6374-304-4553.

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