Mandarin Spa in Boracay Island

During our weekend getaway in Boracay, part of our itinerary includes visiting the Mandarin Spa and availing of any of their signature treatments. After enjoying our lunch at the in-house restaurant of Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel and spending more than an hour at the beach and later on taking a quick dip at the pool, Paul, Richard and I headed back to our rooms to shower and to get ready for an hour and a half of total relaxation.

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We headed towards the entrance of Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel where Mandarin Spa is located. We were greeted by the friendly receptionist who assisted us in choosing our treatment and the specific massage oil that will be used as well.

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I chose the Chamomile Oil as it's said to give a very calming effect while Paul and Richard went for the Ylang-Ylang it had a very masculine scent, which I think is just perfect for them. :)

For my treatment, I got the Traditional Filipino Massage "Hilot" that promises to restore balance to my entire body as it will improve my circulation and will allow my energy to flow properly. Just exactly what I really needed at the moment.

Paul, on the other hand, wanted the Mandarin Aroma Hot Stone Therapy which makes use of volcanic basalt stones to release muscular tension, a treatment well-suited for him as well.

After choosing our massage oils, we were led towards our dressing rooms. The female dressing room has a shower area, a sauna and a number of lockers to safekeep your valuables and other belongings. I didn't bother to use any of the amenities inside as I've showered already and was very excited to have my treatment already.

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So I changed into my robe and off I went to our private couples room where Paul and our two therapists were already waiting for me.

My massage started with my feet soaked in warm water and the masseuse giving me a really good head and back massage. For a while there I thought my Hilot massage will be done with me sitting down all the time. It's a good thing, she led me to the bed right after.

Mandarin Spa 3

Before we started, I told the masseuse on how hard or rather soft I want the pressure to be. As soon as she started her massage, she immediately checked with me if she got it right and I just answered back with a nod as I was about to drift off to la-la-land. It was such a relaxing massage that I slept all throughout the massage not minding the warm banana leaves that were placed on certain points to remove the lamig (stress knots).

Paul was also sound asleep as he enjoyed his strong massage using those hot stones on his back. I'm so glad that he enjoyed his treatment too as it was actually his very first time to have a massage. Yes, believe it not, as addicted I am to treatments and massages, Paul is the complete opposite who has never had a body or foot massage till recently.

Our treatment ended with a cup of delicious ginger tea which was a sweet version of our native salabat. It was delicious and a great way to end our one hour and a half relaxation session. While I'm a fan of Body Scrubs or Swedish Massages, now I'll be availing of the Filipino Hilot on my next visit to the Spa. My experience at the Mandarin Spa has converted me to avail of this treatment on my next visit.

No visit to Boracay will ever be complete without availing of any of Mandarin Spa's signature treatments. Pamper yourself and get a massage which is just perfect after spending a day at the beach.

*photo credits: Paul Ang and Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel (Hilot photo)

For spa reservations, head over to Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel. It is located at Station 2, Beachfront, Balabag, Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines. You may also contact them at +632 5675672 / +632 5671750 and don't forget to like their Official Facebook Page!

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