Tech Review: Samsung NX11 dSLR

During one of my seminars at work, I was asked this question:
If you were to be stranded in an island, what would be the three things that you'd bring?
Without thinking, I jotted these three items down in my paper: Laptop - Camera - Broadband Stick

Yes, I truly am a blogger at heart and no matter where I'll be, I want to be able to document every minute of it. It was only when I was given more time to think that my practical self kicked in and took over making me change my answers to: Lighter - Water - Food.

In reality though, I can't live without my camera. Imagine not being able to capture all those memorable moments or that mouthwatering dish that you want to keep as a remembrance forever? I'm lucky that I'm married to such a talented photographer who's works you see in most of my blog entries. Paul also knows his way around a camera thus I normally just rely on him to configure my camera to the right settings making it easy for me to just point and shoot away.

n11 1

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege to tryout the new Samsung NX11 dSLR. I'm really no gadget geek so I won't bore you with all the technical specifications which you can easier browse through in their official website.

What I'll share with you all are the amazing things that I loved about this camera:

1) Light-weight

n11 2

Unlike most dSLRs (or that particular one that Paul owns at the moment), this one is the lightest dSLR that I've ever carried in my life. Weighing a little more than 353g it actually is lighter than our smallest can of Allies Wonder Peanuts! I brought it with me during my recent Boracay trip and I just hanged it on my neck and off I went around the island. Even after a couple of minutes of walking, I didn't feel the weight of the camera. It was really light!

2) Fast AF (auto-focus) for that trigger-happy YOU!

n11 5


 Despite how advance our cameras may be, the biggest challenge is always to get a good shot of my hyper-active pomeranian Scottie. He can get camera shy and would immediately turn away as soon as he sees the orange red-eye reduction light. I'm glad that I was able to take a couple of great shots as I just clicked away as he ran around the house as I was pretty confident that I'll be able to capture good shots out of those many photos taken. This is a good camera to use when watching a race, taking photos of babies and pets and even during dance recitals too.

3) Bringing your photos to life with the Sound Picture function

n11 4

I initially couldn't believe it when I learned that the NX11 allows you to record sounds of nature or your family's laughter together while capturing the photo. It's a cross between a still photo and a video.

4) Taking vibrant colors during daylight

n11 6

One of the strengths of the Samsung NX11 can be seen during daylight. I enjoyed taking photos of Boracay's beautiful sceneries as the camera allows you to maximize the bright colors of the trees, the crystal blue water and the colorful umbrellas that lines the beach front. I'm sure this would be a great camera to bring to one of my dream destinations likes St. Petersburg in Russia.

5) Electronic Viewfinder

The Samsung NX11 gives you the option to use either the viewfinder or the 3.0m screen. It has a sensor wherein the screen automatically shuts off when you peek into the viewfinder and vice-versa.

n11 3

Overall, the Samsung NX11 makes a good handy dSLR especially for beginners. Paul, who has more experienced handling various types of camera finds it too basic but for me, as I rely on my point and shoot camera, I consider this a good upgrade for those who wants to try having a dSLR for the first time.

Color-wise thought, I noticed that the colors are more faded or pale compared to my Canon S95. Other than that, the Samsung NX11 can truly be proud of its wide shots, panoramic view mode and high-tech shooting features.

The Samsung NX11 is available in all Pixel Pro outlets for only Php. 39,990 inclusive of a 18-55mm lens kit.

Pixel Pro branches:
Pixel Pro Mega Mall
4th Floor, Mega Bldg. B, Cyberzone Area
(02) 470-3903

Pixel Pro Greenhills
3rd Floor, V Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center
(02) 726-9387/ 584-5356

Pixel Pro Cebu
Ground Floor, Park Mall Cebu,
(032) 420-9155


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