Snack Time: Eat my GF!

It was during one of our panic Christmas shopping trips one weekend, that Paul and I decided to rest and to head to the Glorietta food court to grab a snack. You see, unlike probably most ladies my age, I no longer enjoy shopping...that much. I'm sure my shopping buddy and college best friend Len couldn't believe her eyes when she reads this as we used to declare that we are part of the "shopping" varsity team back then. Those were the days where most of our long breaks were spent at the mall and we always end up lugging back a couple of shopping bags as we head back to school for our next class. Yes, there was really a time that I, Frannywanny, used to be a shopaholic.

Perhaps I grew older and realized that I can no longer keep up with the crazy frantic atmosphere where I get squished and elbowed at as I join the sea of shoppers especially during the weekends or worst, the Holiday rush. The mere thought of it really sends shivers down my spine. This is also one reason why I loveeeee online shopping where I can choose, research, decide and buy at any given time I want.

eat my gf3

When at the mall, I prefer to keep my eyes on a look out for new food finds. Such was the case that day were I found -- Eat my GF!

Before anything else, GF stands for Garlic Fries. I've been hearing about this food stall from bazaar-loving friends and what has been stopping me from trying this out was that their first branch was in Alabang, so far away from home! I'm so happy that they have finally opened their second branch in Makati making it more accessible to me.

eat my gf2

The sales clerk was amazing! He first made me try their Virgin Chips (Php. 80/150) which are thinly sliced potato chips, deep-fried and served with fresh garlic bits and lots of parmesan chips. I love garlic and I love cheese. Needless to say, this was a sure hit the moment I tried a piece and while waiting for my small box of Virgin Chips to be ready, I asked to try few pieces more.

eat my gf4

We also had the Original GF (Php. 69/140) which is not your ordinary fries. Similar to the Virgin Chips, these crispy fries are coated with slightly spicy garlic bits, parsley and parmesan chips. It wasn't so bad but I just find the garlic bits a bit too overpowering. Sadly, Paul didn't enjoy this very much as he's not fond of parsley at all.

Hoping to make this more interesting, I requested to add some bacon  (Php.36 additional). Somehow, it didn't blend that well with the fries. Oh well...

Between the two, we liked the Virgin Chips better probably because of the moderate amount of garlic-parmesan topping and the chips were extra crunchy making it fun to munch on.

I'm glad that I was able to finally try Eat my GF!

Eat my GF is located at Food Choices, 3rd level Glorietta 4, Makati City.

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