Going beyond COFFEE at UCC Coffee

For years, UCC Coffee has always been my go-to place for all-girls bonding sessions with my high school friends. My top picks include their Unagi Rice Casserole, French Toast and their delicious House Blend Coffee. Be it for brunch, lunch or dinner, I always enjoy my meal at UCC Coffee.

Recently, The Food Club was invited to try UCC Coffee's newest products. This includes some savory dishes such as the Char Siu Curry Soup Spaghetti (Php. 389) that Paul enjoyed very much. Imagine having thinly slice char siu simmered in rich Japanese curry soup and served with al dente spaghetti noodles. It was so good that we actually forgot to take a photo of it. Ooops!

I, on the other hand, had the Lengua Omurice (Php. 389) which was a very heavy meal. I had to share this with Paul as the omelette was tightly packed with Japanese fried rice and they were very generous with the lengua slices too. I think I just found a new favorite which I can alternate with the Unagi Rice Casserole.

ucc 1
Actually, upon receiving the invite to dine at UCC Coffee, I was told that they have a new line of desserts and this is what I was initially excited to try. I've long been a fan of UCC's Tiramisu and French Toast thus I'm curious what are the new addition to their already great dessert line-up. First came the Halo Halo Cake (Php. 250). This is one of our popular local summer treats and it makes perfect sense to create a cake inspired by this. Sandwiched in between two ube chiffon slices is a mix of ube halaya, leche flan, caramelized banana, red bean, langka (jackfruit) and macapuno. That's not all! This cake is topped with cornflakes and a scoop of Nangkasuy Ice Cream too.

Woah! All the good things that we love in our glass of Halo-Halo can be found in this slice of cake. I love how the sweetness level was just right and the ube chiffon was light and fluffy. This goes well with a cup of House Blend Coffee, if you ask me.

ucc 2
They also have the Mais con Yelo Cake (Php. 185). Sadly, I wasn't able to try this but judging from the group's reaction, this seems to also be a winner. Layers of vanilla cake alternating with sweet corn kernels and served with more corn kernels, cornflakes and corn ice cream! Beware as this cake will surely make you really really corny!! Hehe..

There are a lot more dessert options available at UCC Coffee. Now, Milk Tea lovers will also be able to enjoy UCC's Pearl Milk Tea and Pearl Milk Coffee (Php. 119) together with their meal. They also have a couple of parfaits which will surely be a hit with the kids. There's the Mais con Yelo Parfait (Php. 199) which is very much like the cake version only it's served in a tall glass.

It's amazing how UCC Coffee continues to innovate new dishes to meet the varied taste buds of the local market. It can now be said that there's something for everyone at UCC Coffee.

Visit UCC Coffee's newest branch at One Rockwell near the Powerplant Mall in Makati. They have a total of 22 branches nationwide.

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