[CONTEST ALERT] Frannywanny's Birthday Giveaway!!!

Frannywanny 30
My sister just got back from her trip and she brought home goodies not for only me but also for one lucky reader here in Frannywanny.com! YES! She thought of you guys when she was in the Land of the Rising Sun and decided to sponsor my much-awaited Birthday Giveaway!  Let's all give Pan a big big HUG!

Speaking of the Land of the Rising Sun, I really can't wait for DRUM TAO to come to Manila! They're coming in a month's time and I'm so excited!

Drum Tao_RWM Lightbox_30 x 44inches
Here's a piece of good news, all readers of Frannywanny.com immediately gets 20% off for every ticket purchase done online. Simply click on this link and type in the magic word GRANDIOSO on the box provided for the Promotional Code. This discount is valid until July 11, 2012 (our 2nd wedding anniversary ♥) only.

Here are some important links to know more about DRUM TAO
Official DRUM TAO website
Must Watch : Drum Tao in Manila this July 2012!


Now let's head on to the fun part. My birthday celebration continues as I'm giving a lucky reader a special gift bag filled with all these goodies!

drum tao win 1

LOOK Chocolate Bar (Matcha Parfait and Matcha Azuki flavor), Special Sumo keychain, Limited Edition Japanese Bear bag accessory, Php. 1000 worth of Moshi Moshi Gift Certificate and a Starbucks Coffee 16oz Red Bean Tumbler! 

DRUM TAO originates from the Land of the Rising Sun and since I still can't afford to fly someone there...this special gift bag has items specially flown in courtesy of my sweet sister.

Here's the mechanics:
1) Like the official Frannywanny.com page on Facebook.
2) Click on the SHARE button found at the upper left hand corner of this entry.
When a box appears type this "I'm joining @Frannywanny's Birthday Giveaway!"
Note: Please make sure that your profile is set to public (everyone) or this won't appear on my Facebook page.
3) Answer my five easy TRIVIA QUESTIONS. (note: answers can be found here and here)
4) The last page of the form will ask for your Name, Email Address and Facebook URL Link. Please make sure to fill that in completely.

Some notes:
- Contest will run from June 11, 2012 to June 30, 2012.
- Winner will be chosen via Electronic Raffle. I will be raffling off the prize to those who got the correct set of answers.
- The winner will be notified via email. I will also be announcing the winner in this site.
- The prize will be sent to the winner via courier.
- This contest is open to all readers in the Philippines only.
- ONE entry per person only. 



  1. Thank you Pan for the goodies! :)

    Yehey!! Done!! :)

  2. Belated Happy Bday!

    Joining your giveaway :)

  3. hi frannywanny! i'm joing your giveaway but i'm such a non-techie. which url link is it? thanks
    marge medina

  4. hi marge!

    the facebook url link is the direct address where i can see your status message where you will be tagging Frannywanny in Facebook.

    you get this by clicking on the timestamp under the message

    example would be this: https://www.facebook.com/FrannywannyBlog/posts/249982988439968


  5. hi frannywanny!
    mali ako ng nilagay na url link. hehe. i'll give it another go ha? thank you so much!

  6. oh no, i think i can only send an entry once. it's ok, next time i know what to do. i'll be waiting for your next blog giveaway. thanks!

  7. awesome Japanese goodies! :D
    Joined! Hoping to win those cute stuffs :)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hi Miss Frannywanny~! I just joined your birthday giveaway~! ;)

    Happy Candle Cakes to you! =)

    Thanks so much and More Power!!! ^o^

  10. Hi! Joining your giveaway! I put the wrong url on the survey form so here's my link - http://www.facebook.com/rockbleeder/posts/205873826201099


  11. hi frannywanny! this is the url link of my entry.


    thank you so much. and happy birthday!

  12. Belated hapi bday and thnx for this give aways!!!!:)
    name:Estrelita Sabinay Andigan
    email: bheshi_chibi25@yahoo.com
    fb url: https://www.facebook.com/bheshi/posts/205816942874851

  13. belated happy birthday! God Bless you!
    Wenna Jill Dela Cruz

    i really hope i win... i'd like to try that matcha flavored chocolate :D

  14. joiend :) really loved to watch that but the ticket is to expensive :D

  15. Joined the contest but indicated the wrong URL ... here's the correct link:


    Thanks :-)

  16. Wow! Thanks for the giveaway, and belated happy birthday to you! =D

  17. Kienes damaso

  18. Can u please check my facebook shared post ??? I think i put the wrong one.. if ever i can edit heres my new correct entry:

    Francis Falucho

  19. camille quiambao

  20. Officially closing this contest! Watch out for my announcement for the winner! :)


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