Highlands Steakhouse in Tagaytay Highlands

Recently, my best friend T and I had a fun R&R weekend in Tagaytay City. Believe it or not, it was our first time to go on a trip together despite being friends for more than two decades already! This is because a handful of plans have been postponed and cancelled again and again. Finally, after two decades of planning, we finally took the first step by having an all-girls bonding session that weekend! How I wish my two other best friends C and E can join us next time.

highland steakhouse 2

Well, there was just one major thing that T and I did all weekend... that was to eat. We started by having lunch followed by grabbing some milk tea...then we headed to our hotel and after resting for a few minutes, we drove to Tagaytay Highlands to do a little walking to prepare ourselves for our much-awaited steak dinner at Highlands Steakhouse!

It was my first time to dine here and I was really excited about it. I'm glad that T made reservations as we got to the restaurant at 7PM sharp and it was already full! Mind you, there was an inside and outside dining area. As we entered the restaurant, I can already smell the delicious aroma of the steak. My heart began doing mini cartwheels!

The menu was simple and pretty straight-forward. The price ranges from Php. 880 to Php. 3,200. They have steak cuts big enough to be shared and a personal size should you want to have your own plate of steak.

Since T has been here before, I just followed her lead on what to order. In fact, I followed exactly what she got and I know I won't regret it as T has one of the best and most reliable taste when it comes to food.

highland steakhouse 1

While waiting for our orders to arrive, we were served with a loaf of warm crusty bread. It was so good as the bread was crunchy outside and very soft inside. I enjoyed spreading a thin slice of butter before taking a bite.

highland steakhouse 3

Shortly after, out came our Mushroom Soup with Puff Pastry (Php. 150). T has been raving about Highland Steakhouse' soup and I know I just have to try it myself. I broke the puff pastry and took my first sip of the creamy mushroom soup. No wonder T loves this very much! It's made of finely chopped mushroom and the creamy soup based has just the right consistency. Not to thick and rich, not thin and watered down either. I love being able to softly bite into the mushroom in every sip. The puff pastry was also very good too! I was trying my best not to fill myself with too much carbs to give enough space for the steak but I can't help it! It was just so buttery good! I highly recommend that you order this soup.

highland steakhouse 4

For our main course, we each had 7oz. of the John Wayne's Prime Rib (Php. 880). Initially, I was hesitant to have this as I feel that 7 oz. steak was too much for me. True, it left me really full but happy...happy and full...that is a very good feeling! My steak came with two sides -- Potato Gratin and Sauteed Mushrooms. I requested for them to grill it medium well and it came perfectly just the way I like it. A little bit pinkish inside but well-grilled outside. The meat was very tender and I love biting into the tiny pieces of fat as it has a salty, smokey taste.

The mushroom was a winner! I'm glad I chose this as one of my sides. The potato gratin was alright too, however I was just too full to appreciate it entirely. Next time I visit Highlands Steakhouse again, I'll just share my steak with Paul. The steak actually came with sauce but believe me, there's really no need for additional flavoring as it was perfect just the way it was. My meal was so perfect, I seriously wanted to shed some tears of joy that evening. Thank you T for introducing John Wayne's Prime Rib to me! ♥

There was no space for dessert anymore but I didn't mind as we actually have our welcome drinks waiting for us back at the hotel. That will just be my sweet treat for the evening.

Highlands Steakhouse is located inside Tagaytay Highlands which is a members-only private property in Tagaytay City. Sadly, walk-ins or non-members are not allowed here. The good news is, Highlands Steakhouse has a branch at the SM Mall of Asia and here everyone is welcomed to dine in. I have yet to try though if its just as amazing as the one in Tagaytay.

Highlands Steakhouse is located at the Belleview Drive, Tagaytay City in Cavite. Call them at (046) 483-0820.

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