New Seafood Offerings at Yabu, The House of Katsu

Ever since Yabu opened at the SM Megamall Atrium last year, Paul and I have been frequenting this place whenever the craving for good authentic Japanese katsu comes up. In Manila, Yabu tops our list as the best go-to place for katsudon and tonkatsu.

yabu 2

Thus, when I got a pretty invite to visit Yabu a few week ago, I immediately said yes as I would love to check out the new product offerings from our favorite katsu place. Together with fellow blogger Richard, we were one of the first guests to arrive and while waiting for the rest, we shared their four appetizers available in the menu. We had the Wakame + Edamame -- I love these two as they make a good starter combination. The wakame salad stays crisp and refreshing while the edamame is somethign that I enjoy munching on. Open the boiled pod and sprinkle a little Japanese salt because eating the peas inside.

yabu 1

We also had the Hiyayakko Tofu + Superior Egg and Potato Salad. I wasn't able to try the tofu as I'm trying to stay away from soy but the Potato, Egg salad was creamy and something kids will also like.

yabu 3

I also had some Watermelon Shake as well. This is something that I always order whenever I'm in the mood to have some fruit shake to go with my meal.

yabu 4

Our dinner began with Chef Kazuya Takeda telling us about the new products that diners can now expect to have in Yabu. When Yabu opened in November last year, they specializes and has rapidly been known for their pork katsu plates. They do have chicken and seafood options but these were not highlighted as much as their Tonkatsu.

This time, Yabu would like to give diners more option with these new items:

yabu 5

Yabu's Special Katsudon
I love Katsudon as this is one of the things that I regularly order whenever I'm dining at a Japanese restaurant. Thus, I was really excited to try this one. This comes in a big bowl with a generous serving of Japanese rice topped with Yabu katsu drizzled with a light sweet miso-based sauce, nori strips, bonito flakes and a piece of fried egg on top.

You can choose which type of Yabu katsudon you would like. From hire (pork with fat), rosu (lean pork), ebi (shrimp) & fish or chicken. Of course, I went with the hire was it's said to be really flavorful. Fat, after all, is said to be very flavorful (uh-huh...). I enjoyed the crunchy hire katsu as well as the fragrant white Japanese rice. However, I just found the sauce to be a tad too salty for my taste and I still prefer my egg to be made scrambled instead of sunny-side up. Nonetheless, this is a good option for those who would like to try something extra-ordinary.

yabu 6

Seafood Set #2
This is perfect for seafood lovers out there. I personally would consider ordering this on my next visit as I love seafood! Save for the Hiroshima jumbo oysters, I tried the three other pieces -- Salmon, Black Tiger Prawns and Creamy Crab and I loved them all! This platter comes with both the Yabu dipping sauce as well as a bowl of Tartar sauce. Trust me, go with the Tartar sauce for this one. You won't regret it. ;)

I love how tender the salmon meat was and the creamy crab was delicious! How I wish I can have a platter filled with just creamy crab alone! Yummy!

We also had the Salmon Katsu Set which simply has 4 pieces of Salmon Katsu, deep-fried salmon fillet covered with golden panko flakes and served with refillable cabbage and Japanese rice.

yabu 7

While dining at Yabu, do take a trip to the wash room and enjoy going through the numerous testimonials given by visitors and bloggers like yours truly. :)

yabu 8

I just find it weird though to see all these in the washroom but I guess given the limited space that they have, this is the only place with enough wall space to display the testimonials in.

yabu 9

Nonetheless, thank you Yabu for recognizing my blog and for including an excerpt up on your wall! ♥

Yabu: House of Katsu is located at the 2nd level, SM Megamall Atrium, Julia Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong City. Call them at 576-3900.

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