Moshi Moshi in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

Moshi Moshi Anone, Anone, Anone!

A few weeks ago, Paul and I joined The Food Club in yet another foodie get-together, this time at Moshi Moshi in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. The restaurant is located right across the Ateneo de Manila University so expect to see a lot of students dining and hanging out in almost all food establishments and coffee shops within the Katipunan strip. Paul and I are not Blue Eagles but since my sister graduated from ADMU school, we used to frequent this place whenever we would wait for her class to end.

A lot of restaurants have opened since then. Though, I'm glad that a lot of our favorites are still around. I really think we should go back and visit them again.

Moshi Moshi is located at the 2nd level of the Regis Center, a new building that houses a big Gold's Gym, Bonchon Chicken, Saint's Alp Coffee Shop and a lot more. Basement parking is available but quite limited. It was a good thing that Paul and I were able to get a good parking spot right in front of the building given that it was a busy weeknight.

Moshi Moshi is a modern Japanese fast food restaurant that caters primarily to the students within the area, the residents nearby and food lovers who wouldn't mind driving the extra distance like yours truly. They are known for their bento boxes that has a number of combinations to match their diner's preference.

That evening, we were able to try quite a number of dishes prepared by Moshi Moshi's Japanese chef.

moshi moshi 3

Jumbo Healthy Mixed Salad (Php. 255)
It's always a good thing to start your meal with greens. I enjoyed the fresh crisp lettuce, wakame (seaweed), potato salad, slices of sweet mango and kani while drizzling a little sesame creamy sauce over my salad. This salad is good for sharing and comes with three different sauces. They also have a Jumbo Kani Salad (Php. 188) available. Kids, do order this and please eat your veggies. ;o)

moshi moshi 01

Premium Bento Boxes clockwise from top right: Take (Php. 280), Matsu (Php. 280) and Gin (Php. 320)

They have about 5 bento boxes available that is composed of at least 5 different viands. The Take is a bento box that has stir-fried vegetables, their signature gyu (beef), 3 pieces of gyoza, a mix of Ebi and Veggie Tempura and corn. The Matsu, on the other hand, has 3 pieces of Takoyaki, Chicken Karaage, Gyu (beef) and Potato Salad. Lastly, the Gin is the Japanese term of Silver. This bento box has Chicken Teriyaki, Pork Katsu, California Maki, Curry and Kimchi in the middle.

moshi moshi 7

Among the three, I liked the Gin Bento the most because of the California Roll and Japanese Curry. Each bento box may be served with either Plain or Fried Rice plus Miso Soup for a minimum additional price.

What makes Moshi Moshi different is that you can choose your choice toppings from Gyu, Curry, Kimchi, Egg, Cheese, Sweet or Spicy Mayo, Corn and a lot more. This allows you to customized your bento box to suit your taste. Be it Takoyaki with Cheese or Gyudon with Spicy Mayo, the choices are pretty much endless. I'll definitely try this next time.

moshi moshi 4

Shrimp Roll (Php. 145)
This is a must-try! I love the huge maki (rice roll) and the fact that it has a piece of crunchy tempura inside. Yum!

moshi moshi 5

Sesame Roll (Php. 135)
The Sesame Roll has tuna inside and rice covered with sesame seeds. Visually, this pales in comparison to the pretty Shrimp Roll but taste-wise, it was quite good too with tuna as the filling inside.

moshi moshi 2

Takoyaki (Php. 40-90)
Paul and I love Takoyaki that this is actually one factor that makes us all the more excited to visit Japan soon! We love authentic freshly grilled Takoyaki with bite-sized octopus, just the right amount of veggies and a creamy texture. Sadly, we found Moshi Moshi's Takoyaki quite dry and not at par to our liking.

moshi moshi 6

Terimayodon (Php. 130)
This is an interesting rice bowl that combines two best-sellers -- Chicken Mayodon + Chicken Teriyakidon = Chicken Terimayodon. This has chicken cutlets coated with sweet teriyaki sauce, covered with Japanese mayonnaise and spring onions and served with shredded cabbage and carrots.

moshi moshi 8

For dessert, we had the Moshi Moshi Special Crepe (Php. 145). I love mango crepes and this one was pretty good. I just didn't find the connection with the cheesecake but eaten separately, we all enjoyed it to the last slice. Sure this didn't blew me away but it's a good dessert choice for anyone who wants to have something sweet at the end of their meal.

Students are so lucky now to be able to have more dining options in between classes or during long breaks. I remember spending most of my time at Starbucks Coffee or Pancake House both located right across my university before. Once in a while though, I would treat myself to a good Japanese meal at Shin Ramen Tei or some Prawns Termidor at Art Ave. Oh those were the days.

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Should you find yourself along Katipunan Avenue, do visit Moshi Moshi at the 2nd level, Regis Center, 327 Katipunan Avenue, Brgy. Loyola Heights in Quezon City. Call them at 990-2272.

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