Market Cafe at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

We love trying hotel buffets! Be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner I really enjoy going through the wide selection of fresh seafood, roasted meats, colorful line of sushi and sashimis..and the list goes on and on! There are even times when I have a hard time sleeping as I am just so excited for breakfast time to come! *giddy*

market 01

So just imagine how happy I was when the group trooped down to the Market Cafe right after our dimsum brunch at Li Li. Both restaurants are part of Hyatt Hotel and Casino in Manila and I’m so happy to be able to get the chance to try them both of them all in one day!

I’ve mentioned this before that the secret to buffet eating is to feast with your eyes first. Do a thorough survey around the buffet area and take note of the dishes that you would like to try. As you do this, you tend to prioritize your top choices and, while it may be really hard to do so, avoid wasteful-eating.

market 02

Market Cafe, as the name suggests, presents their dishes similar to how you see it in the market...only in a more tasteful, hygienic and mouthwatering way. Seafood are displayed fresh and you get the option to choose which way you want it cooked. Roasted meat are skewered in barbecue sticks and you can dictate how you want it grilled.

market cafe 2

The restaurant has several areas from the grilled meats moving on to the pasta and pizza corner. I stopped by the cheese section to help myself to some soft cheeses that I truly love.

market cafe 4

Since we already were semi-full after coming from Li Li, I thought that starting my buffet meal with a plate of Arugula Salad topped with Kesong Puti and Mushrooms to make me feel less guilty as I indulge.

market cafe 6

After I satisfied myself with my healthy salad, I filled up another plate with prawns and asked the Chef to cook this in lemon and butter. Oh my mouth waters at the mere thought of this. Since I am not that good in removing the shells from the prawns, the Chef was kid enough to butterfly my prawns for me. Needless to say, I ate this with much gusto.

market cafe 5

While waiting for the prawns to cook, I checked out the Sushi Bar and fell in love with the tri-color Inari (beancurd skin) sushi! I love fish roe and this one if loaded with a generous serving of fish roe to satisfy my craving. I was also very happy with their choices of sashimi from Tamago, Salmon, Tuna and more.

market cafe 3

Right beside the Sushi Bar was the Teppanyaki station where diners can fill their bowls with raw cubes of beef, pork or seafood. Hand this over to the Chef and he’ll gladly fire up the Teppanyaki grill for you. I highly recommend you try the Teppanyaki beef! It’s Oishi-desu!

For those who wants some Asian dishes, there’s a mix of Chinese, Indian, Korean and Filipino selections for you. I wasn’t able to try this anymore but I heard that the Pappadum and Curry Sauce from the Indian station is a must-try so as the Hong Kong-style noodles from the Chinese section.

market cafe 7

Lastly, the roast section. I had a slice of lamb with some mint jelly and I love how tender and odor-free the meat was. Those two beef skewers that I got was pretty good too.

market cafe 1

If there’s one advice I’ll have to give you ..then it would be to leave room for dessert! Make sure to try the delicious Bread Pudding, the homemade ice cream and sorbets (I tried the Dalandan Sorbet which was delicious) and have a glass of DIY Halo-Halo too! Believe me, it will be worth the wait and the best way to cap your wonderful meal at Market Cafe off.

I enjoyed Market Cafe very much that I immediately bought two coupons from Deal Grocer for Paul and myself. We went back a few weeks after with friends Abet, Joan, Irene and Richard and even Paul was impressed with the quality selections available. He enjoyed the roast beef and of course the multiple kilo-worth of Prawns that we all shared among the 6 of us that day.

Buffet rates:
Lunch buffet: Php. 1,800 nett
Dinner buffet: Php. 1,950 nett

Head over to Market Cafe at the 3rd level, Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila. 1588 Pedro Gil cor M.H. Del Pilar in Manila City.

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