Milk Tea Discovery : My SerendipiTEA

I can still remember the day I had my first cup of milk tea.

It was a Friday, the evening after my monthly publishers meeting and after learning about this new milk tea place from no other than my boss, Paul and I thought of having our after-dinner drinks there. I met J, the owner of the said milk tea place and on my first sip of Hokkaido Milk Tea...I got to say, my life was never the same.

I got truly addicted. A cup was enough to calm my nerves as I went through intense preparation for our BIG day. It was my happy pill as I would always drop by to get my favorite drink on my way home from work. I couldn't stop talking about it the point that I've spread the milk tea love bug everywhere. In fact, the Food Club's first dinner out ended with us having some milk tea.

The milk tea fad spread far and wide. A lot have opened in almost every mall, in every corner of town. Some brought in foreign franchises, others took the plunge with their own creations.

serendipitea 6
Once in a while, I love discovering new milk tea places. Recently, Paul and I found ourselves in Quezon City to attend my nephew's baptism. I grew up in this place thus I truly enjoy testing my memory as we navigate around this quiet neighborhood in Quezon City. On our way home, we spotted My SerendipiTEA, a small milk tea place located in the Scout area. I remembered this was recommended to me by a blog reader named Iris who told me to check this out should I find myself within the area.

serendipitea 1
Call it Serendipity...or rather SerendipiTEA, but a cup of cold milk tea was just what I wanted with that day's sweltering heat from the sun! Parking was easy as the roads were wide. We got to the shop and I love the fun and casual vibe of the store. If only this is located closer to home, I would loved to hang out here more often.

serendipitea 3
The menu was pretty extensive and usually it takes me a really long time to choose my drink. Paul pointed to the poster at the side that shows their Top 10 drinks. I zeroed in on this and chose the SerendipiTEA Milk Tea with Pearls and Pudding (Php. 100/Php.110) from the list.

Now, this is where it becomes a deal breaker. I have a very acidic stomach and a little bit too much tea content can easily upset my tummy. In fact, I would always request that stores double brew my tea to tame the caffeine level. Sadly, some milk teas still makes me sick after drinking thus I stay away from them as much as I could. Only a few has made the cut and I stuck loyal to them for years.

Well, I'm happy to share that SerendipiTEA's milk tea passed with flying colors. I enjoyed my cup of milk tea down to the last pearl. No queasy feeling! Hooray! :) I also love that the milk tea wasn't too sweet. It was a refreshing drink indeed.

serendipitea 4
Paul got the Dark Chocolate with Rock Salt and Cheese (Php. 90). I was actually surprised that he got this as he doesn't like anything with Rock Salt and Cheese! I watched him tried his drink and before I knew it, there wasn't a single drop left for me to try. Looked like he enjoyed it as well. He said it was very rich and creamy, just the way he likes it.

serendipitea 5
We also tried the Mango Passionfruit Tea with Aloe Pops (Php. 85/ Php. 100). I loved the Aloe Pops but I find the mango tea a bit too sweet for my taste. I should lessen the sweetness level next time.

serendipitea 2
Lastly, we also tried the Mango Yakult Fruitea (Php. 90/ Php. 105) which was delicious! We both love anything with Yakult and this was a great combination as the sweetness of the Yakult blended well with the slightly tart flavor of the Mango Fruitea.

serendipitea 7
There are still a lot more drinks waiting for us to try. Now I'm excited to visit this part of town again as it gives me another reason to visit My SerendipiTEA once again.

My SerendipiTEA is located at the Ground Level, Cocoon Boutique Hotel, 61 Scout Tobias corner Scout Rallos Sts., Brgy. Laging Handa in Quezon City. Call them at 514-6773.

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