Angel's Pizza, Pasta, Combo: Holiday Family Package

Today I started my 14-day Nestle Fitnesse Challenge and so far I think I'm doing quite well considering the fact that I had to battle with temptation brought about by our homemade fried rice, Frito-Lay chips and soda being offered to me earlier today. I was surprised that the Nestle Fitnesse cereal actually tastes good! I'll be having this for 13 more days!

Meanwhile, allow me to share with you what my family and I had for dinner a few weeks ago. On nights when our cook runs out of dishes to prepare and Mommy just wants to relax and enjoy the meal, we rely on take outs and food deliveries. One Friday evening, Angel's Pizza, Pasta and Combo sent us one of their newest Holiday Bundle Packages. We got Bundle 3 (Php. 750) which is good for 8 pax.

angel 1
Bundle 3 comes with (1) Big Family Meaty BBQ Pizza which had generous cuts making it quite filling  after enjoying just one slice. The crust was chewy and quite good. Sadly though, I'm not a a big fan of pepperoni so I had to remove every single piece out from my pizza before taking a bite. The sauce was a good balance of sweet and salty giving a different take to the usual Meat Lover's or Hawaiian Pizza.

angel 3
The package also comes with a medium-szied Cheezy Lasagna which I happily enjoyed that evening. I love lasagna and this one was pretty good. The lasagna sheets were cooked al dente and the sauce was sweet, something the little ones will also approve of.

angel 2
We also had some Buffalo Wild Wings which is perfect for those who can take the intense heat. It was just too spicy for me so I gave up after taking a small bite.

Lastly, we had (1) Choco Lava Cake too for dessert. Paul said it was moist and the chocolate tastes okay too.

Check out the other Holiday Bundle Packages available: 
Bundle 1 (Php. 439) is good for 2 and you get a Medium Meaty BBQ Pizza, (1) Cheezy Lasagna and a bottle of Coke.

Bundle 2 (Php. 569) is good for 4-6 pax which gives you (1) Family Meaty BBQ Pizza, (1) Buffalo Wild Wings and a bottle of Coke.

Angel's Pizza, Pasta and Combo's delivery hotline is 922-2222.

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