Tower of Love : N Seoul Tower in South Korea

One of the attractions that I made sure we didn’t miss was a visit up to the N Seoul Tower. Researching about it, I found out that this 236.7m communication tower also goes by several other names such as the Seoul Tower, Namsam Tower or the CJ Tower. For starters, the tower sits on top of the Namsam mountain located right at the heart of Seoul in South Korea. Going there was pretty easy as there are buses that will take you straight to the base of the mountain. Look for bus numbers 2, 3 or 5 as you get off either the Chungmuro or Itaewon Station.

n seoul tower 4
As for our group, we took the train to the Chungmuro station and seeing that the tower doesn't seem to look so far away, we decided to walk. Yep! The Food Club decided to burn off all those calories gained from eating and so we walked. Luckily, we had Peter, Paul and Richard with us who were amazing navigators as they led us through an underground shopping center and up towards the base of the funicular. glass elevator. There’s actually a better term for this but the name escapes me at the moment. Be careful though and check where your direction will lead you. Our other companions went up the elevated path and they ended up climbing up until they reached the cable car terminus. It can be a long and tiring climb, believe me.

n seoul tower 5
As you reach the main platform, be ready to wait a little longer though to ride the cable car. We went on a weekday and the line was pretty long as it spiraled up the 4-storey staircase. Good thing we were a big group so we were busy chit-chatting that we hardly noticed how long we have been waiting. As you get to the 3rd floor, it’s here that you need to purchase your ticket. Round trip ticket is W8,000 (Php. 300) while one-way is worth W6,000 (Php. 225). It reallly makes a lot of sense to get the round trip ticket not unless you plan to trek your way down which some actually did. 

n seoul tower 6
Finally it was our turn to ride the glass cable car and we enjoyed the stunning view of the city below. From the cable car terminus, we walked up a little more until we reached the base of the N Tower. It’s amazing to see a lot of locals hanging out here as well. Teenagers dancing, the elderly sitting and chatting with one another and foreigners like us checking out a number of its attractions.

Our group decided to check out the Teddy Bear Museum (W9,000 / Php. 337) found inside the N Seoul Tower. This is a must-visit for kids and adults alike. Using really adorable looking teddy bears, this museum will tell you about Seoul's history from the Hanyang of the Joseon Dynasty up until modern-day Seoul.

n seoul tower 2
I love how they gave so much attention to detail. From the pretty costumes of the bears down to the mechanical movement to tell a clearer and better story to its visitors.

n seoul tower 7
This is my favorite scene! I love the little bear making a mess on the wall while the others were busy studying! I can so relate to this.

n seoul tower 3
This scene reminds me of those Korean soap operas that I would stay up all night for.

n seoul tower 8
The kids with us were obviously having a blast! Some sections you can press a button to see some animation.

This was just all at the 1st Exhibition Hall. We later moved on to the 2nd Exhibition Hall where, this time, they presented the different districts of modern Seoul.

n seoul tower 9
There's Myeongdong where our hotel was located.

n seoul tower 10
Even the famous Cooking Nanta chefs had their very own teddy bear replicas too! This is definitely a must-watch!

n seoul tower 11
Our eyes brightened at the sight of all these adorable bears and I'm personally so happy to be able to check this museum out.

The Locks of Love ♥

As we made our way out of the museum, the rest of the group decided to take a break with some snacks. Meanwhile, Paul and I went up to do something cheezy but still meaningful for the both of us. Deep inside, I'm really so thankful that my husband is always game enough to go with my ideas..crazy or not, cheezy or not cheezy, he has always been very supportive.

n seoul tower 13
I remember while watching one of The Amazing Race episodes that the contestants were given a task to go up to the N Seoul Tower and to locate the fence where there are thousands if not close to a million padlocks attached to it. Here, they have to get a key and try to unlock the right padlock to get their next clue. Having this in mind, I was initially expecting a small area but I was surprised to see that almost the entire outside viewing deck was filled with padlocks. Some are already rusty which tells me that it has been there for quite some time.

n seoul tower 12
It was said that this fence symbolizes the everlasting love that a couple shares with one another. ♥ ♥ ♥

n seoul tower 14
The gift shop sold  padlocks but Paul and I went prepared. We brought our own red padlock and wrote our names and location on one side and our wedding date at the opposite side. It took us a while to decide on our spot as the fence was filled with padlocks making it impossible to find a spacious gap to insert our lock in.

n seoul tower 1
We intend to go back to N Seoul Tower again and will try to locate our lock. I hope it will still be there. :)

There are still a lot more things and attractions to see at the N Seoul Tower. There's the Observatory for one which we were not able to visit as this would cost us another W6,000 if we get this together with the ticket to the Teddy Bear Museum. Then there's the N Grill which is a revolving restaurant located also giving guests an amazing view of the city. I will make sure to include this in our itinerary next time.

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N Seoul Tower is located at San 1-3, Yongsan-dong 2-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

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