Tosca, Dusit Thani Manila

From the moment that I got engaged, I simply thought that Paul and I will be able to have more time to spend dating, going out on regular movie nights, enjoying a weekly massage and a lot more. In other words, I never thought that after being married for two years, our schedules would turn from hectic to crazy to crazier! Every weekend, we have deliveries to attend to, a growing business to take care of and a number of functions and parties to attend. That's how our two day weekend run and we don't even have a baby to worry about yet! Our weekends are normally filled to the brim that we truly cherish rare lazy weekends with not a single thing to do.

This is the reason why both Paul and I love having impromptu dinner dates that allow us to unwind and to just enjoy a really good meal. A few months ago, we got an invite to we spend a quiet night at Dusit Thani Manila's Italian restaurant -- Tosca. We've dined at Tosca before, first, for an event for work and second, as this was part of the amazing Sunday Family Crossover Brunch which in my books ranks as one of the top 3 hotel buffets in Metro Manila!

tosca 5
Our dinner began with some homemade bread created by the chef of Tosca. I loved the three different spreads that came with it. The bread was warm and soft enticing you to ask for more. Do resist as you still have a full feast ahead.

tosca 7
Wanting to have a good and healthy start to our meal, we each got the Scallops alla Caprese (Php. 620). I love the plump and juicy scallops that I slowly savored together with the sweet tomatoes. As you know, I'm not a fan of fresh tomatoes but I couldn't resist but to polish my plate off as I would have a piece of tomato with a slice of scallops. It was definitely match made in heaven.

tosca 1
Tosca has an ongoing partnership with healthy eating TV personality Daniel Green. From the special menu that he personally created for Tosca, we tried the Butternut Squash Soup (Php. 350). The soup was rich and creamy, just the way I love it. My complain with most squash soups out there is that it tends to be so watery that you could hardly appreciate the sweet, creamy taste of the vegetable. I'm glad that I got the best soup from Tosca and it was just perfect to warm our tummies to prepare it for the main star of our dinner that was served next.

tosca 3
For our main course, we shared a 21oz US Angus Rib Steak (Php. 3900) which was carved beside our table. This is good for 2, even 3 if you're all light eaters. The steak was cooked based on our preferred doneness and it came with three types of sauces -- Merlot, Salsa Verde and Tarragon Salsa Verde. We're both not hard core beef eaters but we know what's a good slice of steak when we see one. This one truly made the cut with flying colors.

I love biting into the tiny salt crystals that contributed to the umami of the beef. It was so good that we couldn't stop talking about it days after that fateful evening.

tosca 2
To go with our steak, we had some Seafood Risotto which the Chef personally prepared for us. The creamy texture paired very well with the tender steak. I love how they were so generous with their shrimps and scallops! As we got to the tail-end of our dinner, I could hardly take another bite but I still pursued until I polished the plate of risotto clean. That's determination for you! (haha!)

tosca 4
What's a good dinner date without ending it with dessert? Trying to stretch the capacity of our tummies, we tried the Zuccotto (Php 275). I'm glad we went with this as Paul loved it very much. It's an Italian dessert made of traditional chocolate cream in maraschino sponge. Quite similar to a Tiramisu minus the coffee flavor. It was just a-ok for me though as I'm not really a big fan of cakes and chocolates.
Our dinner ended a little before midnight as Paul and I enjoyed a good conversation while savoring our delicious meal. I love the romantic and quiet ambiance of Tosca that truly makes a great date venue for all couples out there.

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Tosca is located at the 2nd level of Dusit Thani Manila, Ayala Center, Makati City. For reservations, call them at 238-8888.

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