Project : Healthy Me, Happy Me

A few months ago, I was asked to be part of a photo shoot for a popular ice cream brand. I immediately said yes and was really psyched about it as this was to be shot by a really famous photographer. I've seen his works and I have to say, he is pretty awesome! So the day came when it was finally my turn to be in front of his camera. I went early to the studio, got myself made up, dressed as required and there I was, happily posing as he quickly snap away.

I was out of the country when it was time to unveil the photos so I was really excited to see the final work the moment I got back from my trip. Luckily, my friend Richard got my photo for me so I was able to receive the hard copy a few days after that. As I opened the envelope, my jaw dropped. The photo was excellent but the subject (me) wasn't. Far from perfection, in fact.

Back when I can still wear a tube gown and look vavavoom. Note the visible collar bone. Circa 2003.

Let's just say it felt like I was given a full-length mirror where I had a good, long look at myself. Not to sound vain but I didn't like what I saw at all. Mind you, I was never a skinny kid but I had my share of being able to wear whatever I want, being able to tuck-in my long sleeves and was complemented on for being fit and healthy. I was bummed out. I initially wanted to blog about the shoot experience and the ice cream itself but sadly I was just dying with humiliation. The photo is out there and I choose to just let it float around without calling more attention to it. I apologize for that.

Early days of dating, that polo shirt fits just perfectly then. Today I doubt if it still fits me :"(

I feel like kicking myself for not being disciplined about my food intake and for allowing myself to live a sedentary lifestyle. For years, I continued to live carelessly without thinking that my very own mother had a mild stroke twice and she was even underweight then. In other words, hypertension and high cholesterol strongly runs in our family. This was a wake up call and I vow not to turn a blind eye this time.

I was inspired by my friend Rowena who made it her 2012 resolution to eat healthy and to let go of the unwanted pounds. I can testify that she has been very successful at that and I admire her for it.

nestle 02
Note that this is not a sponsored post but I am following her footsteps by taking the Nestle Fitnesse 14 day challenge with more extra effort as I need to lose more. This time I'm eating right, definitely not starving myself to death but I'll start to choose what I put inside my mouth. I'm hitting the gym too in hopes that I can start a more active lifestyle.

My challenge starts tomorrow and while I know miracles don't happen over 14 days, I hope this will help me get started somehow. It will take a while. I can't promise that there won't cheat days but I hope that by the time I blow my 31st candle, I'll be a happier, slimmer Frannywanny.

In the meantime, allow me to entertain you with my super-delayed entries on my travel adventures in Korea (yes! there's more!), Hong Kong and Macau coming in the following days and weeks.  

Wish me luck, dear readers. ♥ Let's do this!

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