Frannywanny's Holiday Gift Idea: Simply Delicious Date & Nut Torte

My mom's friend once said: "Give out food and more food will come to you...give out money and more money will come back to you."

She was so right.

Food has been my way of sharing the love with my friends, family and colleagues and I've been blessed with abundant food coming back my way every single day. Who's complaining? My tummy has been very very happy!

Yesterday has been another stressful work day for me. As I spent really long hours at work to the point that Paul had to literally pull me out to have a good and filling dinner. I continued working at a milk tea shop while waiting for my sister's call for us to pick her up. Then, I came home to...

gift idea 2
...a box of delicious Date and Nut Torte sent by one of the sweetest couples Paul and I have the privilege of knowing and being friends with. Thank you A & I! You guys rock!

I was just so sleepy last night that I had to postpone my tasting to lunch today. Despite being kept at room temperature overnight, this delicious babies remain to be so moist and yummy. A wrote on the card saying "best eaten with vanilla ice cream." After trying them out, my sister exclaimed: "where's the vanilla ice cream???" One piece is not enough, it's so buttery and yummy that it'll make you want more. The dates gave it the right amount of sweetness while the nuts were totally a delight to bite into. I also love anything with nuts so it's no surprise why I immediately fell in love with this too.

gift idea 1
This would definitely make a great gift option this Christmas, don't you think? I had to text A to get more information on how to order this and he was so nice to share it with me which I'm also sharing with you! Paying it forward this Holiday season! ♥

Next year, I'm giving out more money..hopefully million$$$ will come in. I wish! :)

For orders: call Imelda Castillo at 807-3455/0917-8081746. There are two sizes available: 24 bars box (Php. 400) and 48 bars box (Php. 700).

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