Starbucks Coffee Planner 2013 is HERE!

As much as I love spontaneity and change, I also do value traditions. There are just some things in life that are best left untouched. These are the ones that you can always count on to happen at the exact same time of the year, every single year. These include mine and Paul's week-long birthday celebrations, our wedding anniversary dinner date, our summer and 3rd quarter ("autumn") travel getaways and collecting the Starbucks Planner. Readers of this blog must have noticed what a big Starbucks Coffee fan I am. This began way before I actually became a Starbucks partner myself. From the time Starbucks Coffee first opened its doors in 6750 fifteen (15) years ago, I've began collecting mugs, tumblers and have been a frequent visitor most especially during my university years. Friends who couldn't find me around the campus know exactly where to go. Thus, being able to be part of the Starbucks Coffee Philippines team a few years ago was just like a dream come true.

Christmas at Starbucks always begins in November! Today, I was handed a cute red stocking with my name on it. Oh, how I felt like a little girl again wishing that Santa will fill this with that one Christmas wish that I have for this year.

Peeking inside, my heart jumped with glee as I saw that they have filled it with a number of cool Christmas items and the most valuable piece this season was the...

planner starbucks
2013 Starbucks Coffee Planner!!! 

This year's planner has the theme "Moments of Connection." As Starbucks Coffee continues to be one's 3rd place, I'm sure you and I will agree that we each have our own special memories of connecting with our friends, our loved ones and even that special someone over our favorite cup of coffee or even an ice-cold Frappuccino blended beverage.

For one, I know of two dear friends who got engaged in their favorite Starbucks store. My Mom would meet up with her long time friends for their quarterly bonding in our neighborhood Starbucks too. These are just a few examples and I'm pretty sure you all have your own connection stories to tell too!

Starbucks Planner 2013 (1)
There are three colors available for this year's planner -- White, Green and Black. I totally love the white while my friend Rowena adores the green planner. What's your pick?

As I opened the planner, I noticed that the cover has a magnetic "tab". There's also a magnetic bookmark to help you mark the page that you want to refer back to. It looks very modern yet just like a Starbucks store, it still gives that homey feeling perfect for the holiday season. I also noticed that the planner starts exactly in January 2013 as opposed to the planners before that starts in December.

starbucks planner 2013 2
Each month shows different ways on how you can make a connection with yourself, with others and with the community. My personal favorite spread is the one in May where I can stick a photo of my "best moment so far." I can't wait to get to this page as 2013 seems to be a fun-filled one.

starbucks planner 2013 3
What's a Starbucks Coffee planner without more treats and surprises? This year they have 13 kindness cards with different treats that you can avail on the specified month. There are also three coupons that you can use or share with others for the entire year. That's sharing the Starbucks cheer for ya!

How to redeem?

You know the drill, to avail of any of the limited edition Starbucks Coffee 2013 planner, all you have to do is to purchase a total of seventeen (17) drinks : 9 Christmas beverages + 8 core beverages excluding bottled drinks.

This year, they have three Christmas beverages that you can try. There's the Toffee Nut, Peppermint Mocha and the Dark Cherry Mocha.

Personally, I love the Toffee Nut latte and I normally would order this for all the 9 Christmas beverages sticker needed. I just can't have enough of the buttery caramel flavor of sweet toffee combined with toasted nuts, espresso, milk and topped with more toffee flavored sprinkles! Yummy! It's the perfect drink to have especially during the cold mornings of Simbang Gabi.

The Dark Cherry Mocha reminds me of a Black Forest Cake. Bittersweet chocolate mixed with sweet dried cherry syrup, espresso shot and milk.

Meanwhile, the Peppermint Mocha is one of the most-sought-after drink every Starbucks Christmas season. Sadly, it's not something that I really like as I am not a fan of anything minty but if you love the combination of chocolate and mint then this is the perfect drink for you.

As with all Starbucks drinks, these three are available in both hot (latte) or cold (Frappuccino blended beverages).

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*photo credit: Starbucks Coffee Philippines (complete planner set and Toffee Nut)
**note: Should you want to use any of the photos above, please send me an email before doing so. No to photo-grabbing please! :)

Merry Christmas, dear readers!

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