Thank you dear readers! ♥

I've been going through an extreme emotional roller coaster ride lately. I guess it's because of my hectic schedule and me subconsciously thinking of the crazier weekends ahead that I've been feeling very anxious, impatient and grumpy nowadays. Don't get me wrong. I am very thankful for the Holiday season as we have been getting bulk orders for our peanuts left and right, our weekends are filled to the brim and my work week is another crazy story on its own. Given that, I have been losing a lot of sleep. That alone is a recipe for a very cranky and grouchy Frannywanny.

Last Saturday was an action-packed one. I started the day early as I headed to Makati for my hands-on Pasta Class at Global Academy. I love to cook and back then, I dream of being a chef. In fact, my summer breaks before were normally spent taking cooking classes from Le Cordon Bleu and a lot more other schools. Just imagine how excited I was as I am finally attending another cooking class after 15 years! Little did I know that taking that class would do wonders for me. It relieved me from stress and as the class ended, out came a happier, jollier me. I'll tell you more about the class in my next entry.

For now I'd like to share one memorable encounter with you. Meet Jane of Sugar, Spice and everything Nice. She keeps a personal blog about her day to day life which also includes big and small celebrations with her family. I love how casual and funny her entries are. It really has been a daily habit for me to drop by Jane's blog.

So after my cooking class last Saturday, I agreed to meet up with Jane. She lives quite far away and when she told me she'll be in Makati also on the same day, I took it as a perfect opportunity for us to finally meet. I tell you, she's the sweetest blogger in town. We were able to talk, hug and have a photo op for just 10 minutes because Paul was waiting for me in the car. However, you know that instant feeling that you'll definitely get along real well with a person within seconds of seeing each other? I had that exact same feeling the moment I met her.

I was also able to meet her two lovely daughters too! I'm really looking forward to more bonding sessions with Jane soon.

Meeting Jane and her family truly made my day! Paul was surprise that I was in such a good, happy mood the entire weekend and I think this had something to do with it.

I really love meeting fellow bloggers and readers. It really excites me whenever I get a message from you guys either through my comment box, via email or in Facebook. I love how we get to CONNECT. I would also like to share a photo that fellow blogger Richie of The Pickiest Eater in the World and I took a few days ago. This is dedicated to a nice reader named Marice who wrote to the both of us and told us how much she enjoys reading our blogs. This is our way of saying THANK YOU to sweet Marice. ♥

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