Lazy Sunday Chronicles : City Delivery and Pasto

Don't you just love long weekends? Yesterday, I woke up thinking that it was already Sunday. While I know I still have a full day to relax, I somehow felt glum over the thought that I'm heading back to reality work the next day. Good thing I realized that it was just Saturday and there's still one more day left to enjoy! Weeeee!! ♥

I'm really cherishing all opportunities to just stay longer in bed and to hang out at home with no agenda lined up. The holiday season is here and I brace myself for the busy months ahead! Last Sunday, I woke up to hear my parents and sister debating. The topic? Whether to eat out or not. It was already 11AM and no one has still made a decision. Pan has been looking forward to eating out while Papa was feeling extra lazy and wasn't up to leaving the house that day. Mommy and Paul were just game to go with whatever we finally decide in doing. Getting out of my sleepy state, I suggested that we just order in.

city delivery 2
Spotted: Frannywanny mentioned  on the cover *yayyy*

How's that for a compromise? We get to eat restaurant food right at the comforts of our dining room. No need to dress up and to drive out. Everyone agreed and so I picked up the phone and dialed the number that I know by heart - 87878. My family is no stranger to City Delivery's Food Delivery service. Being a contributor writer in their latest order booklet, I had the privilege to try their service a year ago and has been a regular "caller" ever since.

This time, we decided to order from Pasto to answer to our individual cravings -- Pan and Mommy want pizza, I want pasta, Paul and Papa both want steak! Oh how can a small family of 5 have such varied requests! It's a good thing that there's a Pasto branch within our delivery zone.

I logged in to City Delivery's website to guide me in ordering and here's what we got for lunch that day:

city delivery 3
Rucola Pizza (Php. 295)
Thin-crusted pizza topped with arugula and prosciutto. This pizza is very simple yet truly addicting! I love love love anything with arugula.

city delivery 6
Melanzana (Php. 245)
I ordered this for the tomato-lovers in the family. Penne pasta with eggplant, smoked bacon and mozzarella cheese. This one was just a-ok, the bacon's cut was too think and we would have loved it if it's baked with more eggplant similar to an eggplant parmigiana, perhaps?

city delivery 7
Gamberi (Php. 265)
I ordered this for myself! I love shrimps and olive-oil pasta thus I chose this in a heartbeat. It was very light yet a bit too bland for everyone's taste. We had to add in more Parmesan cheese to perk up the flavor. 

city delivery 5
Manzo (Php. 395)
For the two men in the house, the Manzo thankfully passed their steak standards. Tender slice of US Angus Steak that came with creamy mushroom and red wine sauce. I personally love the buttery rice pilaf that was served with it too. We loved this that I wished I got two orders of this as one is not filling enough for the 5 of us.

city delivery 4
Gamberi con Funghi (Php. 395)
This wasn't part of the menu and was just suggested to me by the City Delivery representative. Using my very basic Italian know-how, I've managed to understand that this dish means Shrimps with Mushroom. I failed to ask exactly how many pieces of shrimps were included yet she assured me that it's good for sharing. Sadly, it was just too small for us. One order gives you 3 medium-sized prawns filled with creamy mushroom sauce and baked with melted cheese. It is very similar to a Prawn Thermidor. I loved it very much that I'm definitely ordering this when I visit Pasto someday.

city delivery 1
Service was very quick and efficient as always. Our food was delivered within 30 minutes after placing our order and it was still warm and the veggies fresh making our Pasto (at home) experience very good.

City Delivery continues to add more and more partner establishments! Even our favorite Milk Tea shops (eg: Serenitea) and drugstores (Generic Pharmacy) has joined the roster too. This is taking home delivery a notch higher.

Ordering is easy! Just remember : 8-7-8-7-8!

Visit City Delivery's website at Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter too!

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