Frannywanny's Holiday Gift Ideas : Alchemy French Macarons

I ♥ French Macarons. 

The first time I tried this was when Bizu opened a branch in Greenhills and my parents brought us there for brunch. After enjoying our plates of Eggs Benedict and Croque Madame, we ordered a bag of colorful macarons which to me, back then, looked like colored cream-filled eggnog cookies. I took my first bite and that moment, my friends, was the start of my love affair with French Macarons.

Since then, I've been going around town trying all brands of French Macarons. From Bizu and Bar Dolci to Chef Karine -- always enjoying the excitement that the first bite brings as you always wonder if the flavor is something your taste buds will fancy. Then I met Alchemy.

alchemy 1
One day, I got a text message from a high school friend asking me if I want to try her sister's homemade macarons. Of course I immediately said YES. I ordered a box of 10 (Php. 355) with a mix of these flavors : Salted Caramel, Coffee Caramel Ganache, Green Tea, Banana Walnut and Dark Chocolate Ganache. The initial plan was for my entire family of 5 to try. Well, that didn't exactly happened. Here's why..

Opening the cute illustrated box, I first arranged the macarons by color. Don't worry, I made use of a plastic glove. Yes, I'm OC that way. :)

Played a little eenie-mini-miney-moe and first tried the Green Tea macaron. This macaron has a very strong matcha flavor that I love but for those who are not fans of green tea, I wouldn't recommend this then as there's no way you can the smooth yet leafy flavor brought by the matcha green tea.

I then moved on to try the Banana Walnut. This one was a surprise. I love anything with banana yet this one tasted a tad too artificial for me. It tasted like one of those banana-flavored candy that we would have back when we were kids.

As for the Coffee Caramel Ganache, I chose this for Papa but as he took a bite of the macarons, he told me that it was more caramel-y than coffee.

Paul loved the Dark Chocolate Ganache which, by just looking at it, looks so yummy. Wish they added in more chocolate filling though.

Lastly, the macaron flavor that made my heart skip a beat was the Salted Caramel. It was like a perfect marriage between the creamy salted caramel filling and the soft and chewy meringue cookie. My eyes widened after taking my first bite (if you can just imagine my chinky eyes glowing with happiness). I love how I'd get that salty kick after tasting the sweet caramel center. It was so good that I instinctively reached for the second piece. This one was my favorite!

We managed to eat 7 macarons in one sitting and had to stop as we left the remaining 3 pieces for Mommy and Pan to try too. I'm definitely ordering more next time!

Contact Alchemy at 0917-8963795. Email them at

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