Palms Country Club's Famous Ensaymada

Two weekends ago, Paul and I spent the night in Alabang. As soon as it has been finalized that we will be heading to the South, I sent fellow blogger Jane a message asking her for recommendations on where to eat. Jane, as we all know already, is one of the sweetest person in the planet. She replied with a good long list and in addition to that, she asked me if she can send me a box of yummy ensaymada from Palms Country Club. This is an exclusive country club located in Alabang and they're known for their buttery, to-die-for ensaymada. Of course, I said YES! Thank you Jane!

palms country club 2
We agreed to meet up after my cooking class at Global Academy and despite being soooo busy preparing for her lovely daughter's debut party, Jane still made it a point to get us that box of ensaymada.

Paul and I brought the ensaymada with us all the way to the South and back home. As soon as we reached the house the following day, Paul and I opened the box and shared a giant piece. We purposedly kept it out in room temperature and ate it without heating it in the oven. Look at how it's generously topped with cheese and butter. Creamy goodness indeed!

palms country club 1
I've tried a number of ensaymadas out there and only a few has really made it to my list. Now I know why Jane loves this ensaymada. Who wouldn't? The bread is fluffy and soft and I really enjoyed biting into the tiny yet generous amount of sweet ham. It wasn't too sweet and the butter cream was just right not making it too rich and overly calorific. 

It's sad though that this ensaymada is not widely available for the public. The only way to have this is to either be a member of the Palms Country Club or to have a friend who's one. Nonetheless, should you happen to find yourself in the South and you got access to this members-only club then don't forget to bring home a box or two (or maybe a dozen) of their delicious ensaymada.

Palms Country Club is located at 1410 Laguna Heights Drive, Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa.


  1. awwwww!!! <3 thank you franny!! :-* I'm so glad you liked it! the next time I promise to give you & Paul a dozen - text me if you're gonna be in the makati area we can meet up!!! Miss you already mwah mwah!! <3

  2. and thanks to you fran!i discovered Jane's blog.i think i read all of her blog posts na and am really excited to read her new posts!

    A reader from cambodia!^^

  3. @jane: awww thank you!! yes i hope to see you again soon!!

    @reader from cambodia: i love reading jane's blog entries too!!

  4. same here =) ive been a follower of your blog fran for more than a year now as your food reviews just satisfy the cravings of a foodie in me. and thanks to you im now a follower of jane too. after reading your post about meeting up with jane, ive been a follower of her blog and im now addicted reading even her old posts. its a light, funny and very entertaining blog that speaks a lot of her love to her family =)i want to be a cool mom just like her with my kids.

  5. Yummy! I guess it tastes good if it's a bit toasted too


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