[CONTEST ALERT!!!] The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's 2013 Giving Journal

December is finally HERE! I can't believe it. I can still clearly remembered how Paul and I welcomed the New Year and now we're a few days away from saying goodbye to it. WOW! 2013 truly went by so fast!

Anyway, before we bid 2013 adieu, we still have Christmas, my second favorite holiday of the year next to my birthday! I just love being able to complete the Simbang Gabi (note: mine is literally gabi as I attend the anticipated mass..I really couldn't wake up at 4AM given that I have to report to work at 10AM), the smell of bibingka and the crazy and hectic schedule of merry-making and gift giving. Paul is actually busy wrapping gifts already as I'm typing this entry. Luckily, we're almost done with our list so no cramming for us in the coming weeks.

Christmas is also the time for giving. It's the time where we share our blessings by paying it forward. Ever since Paul and I got married, we have this little tradition of buying all sorts of chips, candies, drinks and giving them all out to the kids who sing carols outside our gate a few days before Christmas Day. I guess those kids know by now that when we tell them to come back on the 22nd or the 23rd they know we're not kidding and there are goodies waiting for them.

cbtl 1
Speaking of giving, look what I have here. It's the 2013 Giving Journal by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

I know what you're thinking, almost all coffee shops in town are offering their specially made planners and notebooks. Well I guess writing and planning just goes hand in hand with coffee drinking. So it's really up to you to take your pick and to choose which one perfectly suits your needs and lifestyle.

CBTL's Giving Journal is very light and handy. It's the kind that can double as a meeting notebook for professionals out there. It's small and could definitely fit easily in your shoulder or laptop bag. There are two colors available both in shades of brown. I personally like the darker brown version.

cbtl 2
As for the pages, I like that it has a month-at-a-glance page where I always fill up with birthday and anniversary reminders.

cbtl 3
Travel bugs like me will love the travel pages. It gives us space to jot down accommodation options, travel schedules and even a space to plot our budget. Paul will definitely love this!

cbtl 4
Of course, to extend the Christmas cheer year-round, there are coupons that you can use every month! I love Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's breakfast meals and I'm definitely using those upsize coupons too.

To avail of the planner, simply fill up the card with 12 assorted Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf drinks such as an Original Ice Blended drink, a Tea Latte, an Espresso-based Beverage, (1) Red Velvet Hot Cocoa (which is yummy by the way), any 8 regular or large drinks. Those who has the CBTL coffee brewer can also purchase a box of CBTL Capsules to easily get 2 stamps!

A portion of the sales from this Giving Journal will  be given to fund the scholarship of eight university scholars through the Real Life Foundation.


Like what I said, Christmas is the time to spread some happiness and blessings to friends and loved ones and I'm doing the same to you, my dear readers! I have (3) CBTL Giving Journals that I'm giving away and to join here are three easy steps:

1) Like Frannywanny on Facebook.
2) Leave a comment below by answering this question: "Why do I deserve to win a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal?"
3) Don't forget to include your name and email address too!

1) CBTL Giving Journal Giveaway runs from December 3, 2012 (Monday) to December 8, 2012 (Saturday) only. 
2) The 3 lucky winners will be chosen via an electronic raffle program.
3) I will be contacting the winners via email. 
4) Winners will be given 30-days to respond. In the event that the winner fails to reply, we will be drawing another name. 
5) The prize will be sent to the winner via a courier service. 
6) This contest is open to ALL readers residing in the Philippines only.
7) One valid entry per person.


  1. i deserve to win because i need a new journal to make plans for the year 2013.. i have a lot of plans to make hope to win this..
    cynel cabilen

  2. I deserve to win the CBTL journal because I am a busy working wife with crazy shifts, and I need to constantly remind myself to stop and smell the coffee beans and tea leaves! This journal will help me create focus on my much needed work life balance!

  3. I deserve to win the CBTL journal because I am a busy working wife with crazy shifts, and I need to constantly remind myself to stop and smell the coffee beans and tea leaves! This journal will help me create focus on my much needed work life balance.

    Rose Tiu

  4. So many awesome things and experiences are up for me this coming 2013 and I would love to keep track all these life events that is why I deserve to win the CBTL journal! :)

    Cyndrill T. Almazan

  5. Some big things are going to happen to me in the year 2013, some planned, and some maybe unexpected, and I would want to await all those events being organized. I deserve the CBTL planner simply because I know 2013 has a lot in store for me.

    Windon Lim

  6. I am starting a new career this coming year and it be would lovely that the CBTL planner be part of this life changing moment of mine. Embracing life and career this 2013 (:

    Mary Pearl V Urtola

  7. I deserve to win a CBTL journal because I'm starting a new phase in my life -- new career, new path altogether. Hoping for the best!

    Jan Karen Ku

  8. Because 2013 will be a better year for me! :) Travel, birthdays, experiences, memories are needed to be stored in this wonderful 2013 CBTL journal. Can't wait to hold this prize for a very crazy 2012 :)

    Nicole de Dios

  9. I deserve to win the CBTL planner because 2013 will be big for me. Few days from now, I'm about to gave birth to my 2nd child and next year will be very busy for me because of my work, baptism, parties for my kids, and other important things that needs to be organized.

    Mariz dela cruz

  10. I deserve to win this Giving Journal because I've been good all-year-round. ;)
    Michelle Ma

  11. I truullillyy deserve that journal, for my new adventures , travel food finds, appointments for a new life in Canada 2013. It will also be an opportunity to meet you and good souvenir from the food blogger i always read.Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. YAY! I would like to have a CBTL planner cause I've been using S planner for two years.Time to have a CHANGE!!! :))))
    Susan Sia

    Fran, correction.... its to bid 2012 not 2013.you're so much in a hurry :P

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. With my busy hectic schedule and time management issues, this planner would be perfect. :) And time for a change after using SBux and BDJ planners..

    Charisse Ann Enerio

  15. Jessamine Ocampo

    Wow! This is great. This is a useful thing for me. I have a lot of plans this coming 2013. I really wanted to have one. One of my plans is going to Canada. So i need to track what should i do first, then next plan and then next. Haha. Thanks in advance. Hope to have one. Early gift for me before 2012 ends. Tc.

  16. I deserve to win because I want to replace my old jornal with a new and beautiful one :)
    merry christmas!

    Crystal Cruz

  17. I deserve to win the CBTL 2013 because there's so much good things to look forward to for 2013.

    Sally Tan Yeung

  18. I deserve to win because I plan on giving this to my wife so she can better organize her schedule and make use of the coupons for her daily caffeine fix.

    Jek Inocencio

  19. i want to win the CBTL planner to make my 2013 more organized and planned. no more missed deadlines and appointments for me, yay.

    marge medina

  20. I deserve to win a CBTL giving journal because I want to give it to my son in law so that he can jot down his schedule because his so busy and at the same time he can use the freebies inside when he has some overtime

    Margaret S. Chan

  21. Merry Christmas!! I deserve to win the CBTL planner because I was able to keep my 2012's New year's resolutions!!! You can be the Santa who will reward me for being good and nice! :)

    Katrina Bulseco

  22. I deserve to win a Coffee bean and tea leaf giving journal because it would make my day more organized and give directions to my life.

    Jr del Rosario

  23. I deserve to win because receiving a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal from Frannywanny would be an awesome way to end this year and be an even more awesome way start to 2013!

    Deanne Dy

  24. Hi Frannywanny! I try to be a very organized person and I juggle family, career and personal schedules all at the same time. I am hoping to win this prize because this would help me to be more organized in all my roles. This is a good way to start the coming year :) Thank you!

    Full name: Kathryn de Vera
    Email Address: darling_devera@yahoo.com

  25. I deserve to win the CBTL Giving Journal because I believe in making time for the most important things in my life, and this planner will help me to be more organized and achieve that goal.

    Marian Timario

  26. Just like anybody else, I deserve to win a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal from Frannywanny. Because for one, I have been a good daughter, sister and friend to people I so love dearly this 2012. And, I wanted to do the same if not better for the coming 2013.

    You've got quite a very useful giveaway here Fran, this then spells a fruitful start of 2013. Good luck Fran!

    Lora Maria Teresa Esguerra

  27. I deserve to win because I didn't win in any blog contest :( I also need this to arrange my schedules and plans for 2013.

    Name: Erika Joy Manigbas
    Email Add: swit_akire@yahoo.com.ph

  28. I never had a CBTL planner, this is why I want to have one! :)

    Lea Ducay

  29. I deserve to win the CBTL planner because I want to give it as a gift to my mom.

    Patricia Mae Sandoval

  30. I deserve to win the CBTL journal because I need something that will always remind me that life can be less complicated if one is more organized (no missed deadlines or appointments).

    Agnes Ducay

  31. I deserve to win the CBTL Journal because I would need something to jot down everything from to-do's, expenses and my son's school events + the fact that'll it be more pleasing to the eyes lugging that vs the one I currently use: spring bound notebook :-)

    Katrina Paz

  32. I deserve to win a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal because I'm a coffee lover and a frannywanny fan! <3

    Kristel Valino

  33. I deserve to win a Coffee Bean & Tea leaf giving journal because I will be needing it to keep me up to date with 2013 from house notes, kids school activities and most specially important dates to remember. My 2012 planner was also my 8 year old daughter's doodle pad. She always draw of almost everything she thinks of. She likes to mark all the birthday dates of each of one of us in the family. Sometimes she also writes sweet notes to me and I suprisingly finding out when I am in that exact date she write something on.
    She marked the December 13 with a big Heart with a smiley and wrote "Mom'sB-day!"
    Wish I can insert pics here so I can share it to all. :)

    In a way, planners I used to own serves as me and my daughter's sweet note connection which truly is so precious.
    Hopefully I can win a planner for 2013 and discover more of my daughter loving side.

    Agnes Dela Cruz

  34. Hi there Ms.Fran!
    i think there's a typo on "WOW! 2013 truly went by so fast!"

    I want to win a CBTL planner so I wont lost track of me and my wife's coffee date.
    Coffee has always been our bonding and relaxing time together. We can spend hours together in a coffee table chitchatting, updating and even those sweet moments togethers.
    I remember I used to invite her for coffee after office hours and she will gladly accept it.
    I was so excited to see her always and spend that kilig moments with her.

    Carlos Andres

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. I deserve to win the CBTL Giving Journal because my daughter has been nagging me endlessly to give her one.

    Susana Co

  37. I deserve to win the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal because I often lost track of date and unable to follow my set schedules. I want to start 2013 right and this planner is my cure!

    Carolina Sumague

  38. I deserve a CBTL planner because as a college student, I really need to get organized! :) Plus, I've read somewhere that this planner has a lot of arts-and-crafts kind of thing. So if ever I'll get the planner, I'll pretty much have a creative and awesome year ahead of me. :D

    Sheena Amit

  39. Because one of my new year's resolution is to be more organized :) The CBTL planner would help me a lot!

    Gizette Cao

  40. I deserve to win because I truly want this planner and I may not be able to complete all the needed stamps to get myself a planner this year.

  41. I deserve to have a CBTL planner because...NO, not me. My friend is the one who deserves to have a CBTL planner, because I know that she can change the world in her own way someday. And by having a planner, she will be able to organize her stuff, and most importantly, her goals for the future. I DESERVE TO WIN A CBTL PLANNER BECAUSE IF EVER I WIN, I'LL GIVE IT AS A BIRTHDAY GIFT TO MY FRIEND WHO DESERVES TO OWN ONE.


  42. I deserve to win a CBTL Giving Journal because my life had been so blessed this year; my wishes and my prayers had been heard and I've seen it unfold right before my eyes. I believe that it will continue to come my way next year and what a better way to remember them by writing them and keeping them in a CBTL Giving journal.

    Glaiza Olase

  43. I deserve to win because it's gonna be one helpful tool as i prepare of a fun and adventure-filled 2013! the planner will help me keep track of my schedules, to do's and even just simple doodles on memorable days. -carla (can i not divulge my email add in public? :P you know my email add ms. fran! heehee!)

  44. I want to win this CBTL planner because I want to make sure I will be able to do my goals this 2013 and also see to it I will be able to attend to my two kids that will be going to school next year. I love sticking to my schedules, keep track of my events/activities, and writing my daily rants or raves so this planner will be really of a big help.

    Maria Christina Gumatay

  45. **I am not sure if my previous comment was posted. Will check again your blog. If it was, I'll just delete this.

    Name: Jacqueline Yunun
    email: yununjc@aol.com

    I uber wanted to win the CBTL planner because I can't wait to use those vouchers/coupons! It's a good way to save but I get to taste those delish foodies and drinks from CBTL! The planner will also be a life saver for me who works in the graveyard shift and gets disoriented as to which tasks / errands to do first after my work! Thanks muchos for the giveaway/planners!

  46. I deserve to win because I really truly want to start 2013 by being organized. I have lots of fabulous plans for next year that will surely benefit my loved ones and friends. To jumpstart my fab 2013, I need to write down my plans, wishes and dreams so I can easily track them all down and check out my progress. This planner will be very helpful to kick off my fab 2013. Yes! I'm claiming that 2013 will just be awesomely fab!

    Jade Jasmin Laure

  47. I deserve to win a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving journal because I know that it will be useful to me and my boyfriend - we will use the planner to record our year of togetherness. :)

    Katrine Mendoza

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. The CBTL giving journal was made for me! ;) I'm the type of person who always needs to get reminded of all the things I need to do.. I get stressed a lot of times because of this lack of organization. The CBTL journal is what this needs-to-be-organized CBTL-fan needs.

    Theodosia Musni

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. I deserve to win this journal because not only can i track here my daily schedules, plans for the day/week/month, but I can also use the coupons whenever I purchase CBTL products. These coupons will help me save money. This journal will help me be more mindful of my meetings and schedules :)

    Elaine Chua

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. I deserve to win so that I can keep track of my plans, never miss an appointment and own a beautiful journal.

    Eunice Chua

  55. I deserve to have it because i have been good this year and I'm desiring to become better next year by doing more plannings and management. CBTL journal will be a great help :3

    Zyra Bambico

  56. Ailenette Lesley C. Ngo

    I deserve to win a CBTL planner because I love giving gifts to other people and I need to plan what to get other people and to keep track of all my schedules as I believe 2013 would be a busy year for me. :)

  57. Vivian V. Aguilar

    I deserve to win this because I's a fan of their CBTL Planner (I have their 2010 & 2011 Planner) and I don't need to spend for the stickers anymore :-)

  58. Macy Guido-Lee

    I'm actually not the one who's going to win this (if ever). I'm entering the contest in behalf of my hardworking friend, who cannot afford to buy so much coffee just to get a planner, although I know she badly needs one because of her extra hectic schedule. So if I win, this planner will be hers!

  59. A coffee-lover like me should be the one winning the CBTL Gift Giving Journal 2013. And this would be a perfect birthday gift for me this coming January. ^_^

    mark morfe

  60. I deserve to win a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal because I'm stay-at-home mom and most of the time I tend to forget some important things that I need to do. This would be of great help to keep myself more organized & to be a more productive person. :)

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. I deserve to win a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal because I love to write and compose songs so I will be needing this. :)
    Dayanara Jane G. Angeles

  63. I deserve to win CBTL planner because my mom is a HUGE fan of CBTL and she will definitely love this when I include this as gift for her. This could be an additional to her CBTL collections.

    Ginalyn Simon

  64. I deserve to win CBTL planner because I'm an organized person & I want my schedules posted down. I also like the discounts and freebee coupons that go along with the planner.
    Abigail Sy

  65. I deserve to win the CBTL planner because I will be graduating from high school pretty soon and having something that would help me organize my schedule or even the things a normal college person would do or have to do would be cool!!! Also, I've been a fan of CBTL since they opened their branch in Shang. I would've gladly joined the promo collecting stickers if only I weren't on a diet!!!

    Gian Inocencio

  66. I'm actually joining not because I want it for myself but all my efforts (that hopefully will pay off, LOL) will be for a friend that I've known for so long already. She really loves journals and planners and just loves to write whatever brilliant or crazy idea that she has. This would be a perfect Christmas gift for her as she also indicated in her wishlist that she wants something that she can use for the year 2013!


    Matt Pua

  67. I deserve to win CBTL Planner because being a busy mom like any mom, this planner would be my buddy in keeping me up-to-date on all our daily activities and schedules.

    Leizle Demaisip

  68. I deserve to win the Coffee Bean & Teal Leaf Giving Journal because my baby's photo is featured in it! More than just keeping track of my daily activities, the journal can provide me with a glimpse of my little one every time I open it to the page where his photo appears :-)

    Shella Esguerra

  69. I deserve to win a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal because the coupons inside the planner would give me and my friends more bonding time to spend over at Coffee Bean while enjoying our fave drink and cheesecake.

    Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

  70. "Why do I deserve to win a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal?"

    I deserve to have this journal so I could keep track of my schedules next year. And coupons inside will give me more time to bond with my sissies.

    Jennifer Macatimpag
    akutoneh at gmail dot com

  71. I deserve to win because I can't live without planner and if I win I won't buy planner anymore. #bigsavings

    Michelle Solee
    ellehcimcarlos at yahoo dot com

  72. I deserve to win the CBTL Giving Journal because I need to keep track of my plans and jot down important infos for the coming 2013, as I already have travel plans for the first and second quarter of the year. :)

    Amity Ong

  73. I deserve to win this journal because I want to plan my daily activities for next year and to be organize as well. :)

    Jose Lorenzo Manongsong

  74. I deserve to win the CBTL journal because I have been a good mother all this year, I wanted to start something new and better next year and this planner will help me organize all my plans for my family, house and hopefully my next career.

    Sheryl Maraggun-Casuyon

  75. I deserve to win this journal so i could write down then remember how my year turned out so great! :)

    Leslie padua

  76. i deserve to win the planner because i hope to improve my time management skills and coffee bean's planner would be a big help.

    diane tan
    wanchai dot ortigas at gmail dot com

  77. I deserve to win the planner because as a college student, time management and study habits are very important to be a responsible student. Sadly, I am somewhat 'forgetful', well due to lots of school works, I tend not to remember everything (or probably because I'm just really forgetful) either way, I will need it. If ever I get the planner, it will be on good hands, that's for sure!

    Jayziel Contreras

  78. I think deserve to win a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal because I have so many plans and goals for 2013 that I need an organizer so that I would be able to achieve. I never been to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and I think this journal will be my way to have the opportunity to visit the tea shop. Thank you so much Miss Fran for this wonderful prize.

    Paula Romana Alagao

  79. I deserve to win the 2013 CBTL journal because this will become my 1st Motherhood journal. I will be giving birth to our 1st child come January 9 (more or less)! To whom should I share my day-to-day activities but with my CTBL jounal so please, please let me have them :)

    Karen Simbulan

  80. I deserve to win because I am a terrific wife, mom, sister and wife.

    Brenda Luz

  81. I deserve to win because I need to restore order in my life. I need to live a more organized life and the planner will be of great help to me.

    Alston Cue

  82. I deserve to win this planner because I want to lead a more organized life this 2013! :P

    Vicky Solano

  83. Thank you all for joining this contest! I will be announcing the winners today!!


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