Crosswinds Resort Suites in Tagaytay City

This is to continue our 3-day vacation in Tagaytay City. After spending our first night at the very posh yet homey Discovery Country Suites, Paul and I headed to another accommodation spot called Crosswinds Resorts Suites. I've been seeing the huge signages of Crosswinds' development for more than 5 years already. What I know is that it's located very close to Tagaytay Highlands and while it doesn't overlook the famous Taal Volcano, the size of this property is breathtaking and impressive enough.

What I didn't know was that you can actually stay the night or two (or even the entire week) even if you are not a member. They now have two hotel buildings that allow visitors to stay in.

crosswinds tagaytay 7
We checked into our Studio Bedroom (Php. 6,000) and were pretty impressed with the comfy looking interiors. I loved how clean it smelled and the view was simply amazing.

crosswinds tagaytay 1
We were told that they have imported thousands of pine trees in order to achieve the Swiss feel. Well, since I've never been to Switzerland, the entire property sure gave me that feeling that Christmas is definitely here.

crosswinds tagaytay 6
Our room had two double beds, a fully functional kitchen complete with the basic utensils and appliances, a flat screen TV, closets and a dining table.

crosswinds tagaytay 5
The bathroom was clean yet it would have been better if they have installed a bidet. Come on hotels, this is really a necessity now!

After admiring our room and resting a bit, we headed out to the city proper (Olivarez) to visit the Puregold Jr. branch there. Given that Crosswinds Resort Suites is quite far from where most of the restaurants are located and the road leading to the hotel was quite steep, we agreed to just cook inside the room and to have a simple steak dinner instead.

Paul and I split the tasks at hand. He prepared the steak, garlic mushrooms, bacon and veggies while I cooked the rice and soup! Fair enough? Haha!

crosswinds tagaytay 2
Well, he's the better cook between the two of us so I let him have the kitchen limelight while I am happy to just eat. Look at our dinner feast for two!

After dinner, we rinsed the plates and utensils and the hotel housekeeping staff quickly took care of the rest. The only drawback was that our room no longer smelled fresh and after dinner, it now smelled like butter and steak! Oh no! No amount of aerating helped reduced the food odor. I badly wanted the fresh, citrusy smell back yet it totally disappeared even up until it was time for us to check out. I guess, cooking is best suitable when staying in the 1 bedroom units and up. In fairness though, service was very quick.

crosswinds tagaytay 9
The following day, Paul and I crossed over to their multi-function room to have breakfast. Complimentary breakfast for two was inclusive in our room rate and while the selections were limited, it was good. I liked the food most especially the garlic rice, scrambled egg and ham. I can't wait for the hotel to have a full running restaurant which I heard will be opened in a few more years.

After breakfast, we headed back to our room to watch some TV. Similar to the day before, we ended up taking a quick nap and woke up just in time to check out. Before leaving the property, we were given a tour to check out some of their amenities.

crosswinds tagaytay 11
We saw the pool which was quite far from the hotel. You need to take a car or a shuttle to get there.

crosswinds tagaytay 4
They also have a Toy Corner called Santa's House which is open year-round! It's filled with different kids of toys for both little boys and girls. Paul and I both agreed that both Julia and Jairus should check this place out!

crosswinds tagaytay 12
We also visited the Christmas Store that sells different Christmas-themed items from red and green plates, Santa figurines to delicate Christmas ceramic villages. Just like Santa's House, the Christmas Store is also open year-round.

crosswinds tagaytay 8
A lot of plans are still lined up for Crosswinds Resort Suites for instance, a third tower is being constructed at the moment and this one will be complete with the said restaurant, a gym and a lot more. This is definitely a good option for families and groups of friends who are planning a trip to Tagaytay City.

Crosswinds Resort Suites is located at Brgy. Iruhin Central, Calamba Road, Tagaytay City, Philippines. For more information, visit

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