Discovery Country Suites, Tagaytay City

It was indeed a Sweet November for me and Paul last month. Despite being extra busy and stressful all month-long, we both looked forward to every single weekend as we had a staycation or a mini vacation planned one week after the other.

Our Sweet November began with an overnight stay at the Marriott Hotel back-to-back with a delicious steak dinner at Cru. The next weekend followed with a fun pasta making class for me at Global Academy and another overnight stay in Alabang. After my quick trip to Cebu for work, Paul and I ended the month with a 3 day break in one of our favorite out of town destinations -- Tagaytay City.

Others may find Tagaytay City boring but not me. I grew up going to Tagaytay so often and yet every vacation leaves me rejuvenated, happy and relaxed after. It helps that Tagaytay is so close to Manila that I don't get bored on the road going there and coming back home. That's a big plus as I really do not like long road trips. There are a lot of restaurants in Tagaytay yet I still have my favorites that I always end up visiting over and over again.

discovery country suites 1
I was especially excited for this trip as Paul and I will be staying in two different hotels in 3 days. The first part was spent at the beautiful Discovery Country Suites. I've been wanting to stay at DCS for the longest time so you can say this was a traveler's dream come true.

discovery country suites 10
We got there just in time to check-in. Discovery Country Suites only has 7 rooms as this was actually the former home of Mr. Tiu, the big boss of the Discovery Group. We were warmly welcomed by the receptionist and Jonahs, the manager. I actually saw Jonahs a few days prior to our stay during the Christmas Party of Discovery and fellow bloggers and I thought he was either an actor or a TV show host (haha!). They needed a few more minutes to prepare our room and asked us to wait a little longer We didn't mind as this allowed me to go around the cozy looking living room and to admire the beautiful scenery outside.

While waiting, we were also given our welcome drinks! Refreshing Pineapple Mint shake. I love anything with pineapple so I happily drank this while Paul had mixed feelings about this.

discovery country suites 2
We got the Siam Room (Php. 15,000 rack rate) and I tell you it was BEAUTIFUL!!! I didn't realized that I held my breath for a few seconds when I stepped in until Paul told me to breathe. The huge beds looked so inviting, the room smelled so clean, all the furniture pieces gave me a very relaxed Thai feel and none of the creepy old, antique-like kind.

discovery country suites 12
As if our room wasn't perfect enough, it even has direct access to the outdoor whirlpool/jacuzzi! I tell you, this is the best honeymoon hotel for all you love birds out there! Paul and I may have been married for two years already but staying in Discovery Country Suites made us feel like we're on our honeymoon all over again!

Given that the hotel only houses 7 rooms, expect top notch personalized service. Actually, it has been Discovery's signature to make every single guest special from the surprises that they would prepare on your arrival to the ones that they will discreetly leave waiting for you in your room before bedtime. I'm starting to lose count of the number of times the Discovery group has made us feel oh-so-special during our stay. 

discovery country suites 15
By the living room area, they also have a couple of magazines available of course I only read Esquire among the three. Will make a mental note to send more Summit magazines their way. ;)

discovery country suites 13

Taking a peek at their bathroom, I was surprised to see how huge it was. It has been a while since I've stayed at a hotel with a big bathroom. This is seriously even bigger than our room in Korea! I noticed though that it looked a bit old already. It really does feel like you're staying over at a relative's home instead of having the feel of a hotel. I'm not sure if it's because they're trying to achieve that "homey" effect or what.

discovery country suites 16
I love this basket filled with toiletries! 

discovery country suites 14
The closets were plenty and clean. They have provided two robes, slippers, laundry bag and some hangers too.

discovery country suites 17
Paul and I barely went out of the hotel during our stay except for the time when we wanted to have some pie at Bag of Beans and to look for cough medicine in Mercury Drug. We spent a good part of our afternoon hanging out at the jacuzzi and after that, we went up to the lobby for their late afternoon wine and cheese buffet which is complimentary for all in-house guests!

discovery country suites 18
I love cheese so I made sure that we didn't miss this. The selections weren't much but it was indeed pretty good! We were so happy with the brie and ate lots of this with grapes, nuts and crackers. Paul had coffee while I had my bubbly glass of wine. See, I told you, truly perfect for honeymooners right?

After dinner, we checked out their DVD collection and it had a lot of early 2000s hits like How to Lost a Guy in 30 Days, Step Up, Runaway Bride and a lot more. Seeing that it had more girly movies, Paul told me to choose as he will most likely just surf the net. I got a couple of DVDs and began my short DVD marathon that evening and resumed this the following day before checking out. It felt so good snuggled under the thick, comfy blanket while watching a good romantic comedy movie. I can stay here for a week! 

discovery country suites 7
We had all meals in Restaurant Verbena, Discovery Country Suite's in-house (yet award winning) restaurant. Both meals were so good that I think it deserves an entire entry on its own. Another surprise was waiting for us right after dinner! It was a plate of cookies and warm milk!

discovery country suites 6
I love how they would make the extra effort to leave these sweet surprises simply to wish us good night!

True, there's really not much to do in Tagaytay City but who ever said that a good travel destination should always be filled with action-packed amenities? This is my kind of vacation, a place where I can relax, bond with Paul, reflect, eat well and to catch up on sleep. In fact, I think I slept so much during this trip that my eyebags all disappeared after 3 days!

We had the best time at Discovery Country Suites and agreed to be back more often from now on. :)

Discovery Country Suites is located at 300 Calamba Road, San Jose in Tagaytay City. Call them at (046) 413-4567 / (02) 529-8127.

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