Have a Sweet Christmas with Splenda


Ho ho ho!

Christmas is two days away and for the past weeks, Paul and I have been showered with gifts from our dear friends and colleagues. I guess it’s pretty obvious to the world how much we both love food thus 99% of our gifts got were either food items or food/cooking-related items. Hooray!

While this is the time of the year where we have the license for non-stop merry making and treats eating, we always have to be on guard against increasing cholesterol, gaining more unwanted weight, having a bigger and not so flattering waistline and for Paul and I, we’re also extra cautious towards our blood sugar level. We’re both not getting any younger after all and we both made a pact to stay healthy for one another and for our future family. Others might think we’re being overly paranoid but you see, my father-in-law was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes a few years ago and while he gets to maintain a better sugar level now, the possibility that Paul could inherit this is not that far-fetched. Thus, as early as now, we are being really careful about it.

Admittedly, I grew up believing that sweeteners are bad for you. This is also the reason why I stay away from sweets that says “sugar-free” and would rather have a smaller piece of cake with sugar in it. That was before I finally got around to reading up about Splenda. Unlike other sweeteners, Splenda uses real sugar which turns into sucralose. This transformation turns sugar into a no-calorie, non-carbohydrate sweetener. Therefore, you get to enjoy the sweet flavour of your dessert or drink minus the effects of real sugar.

The first time I tried Splenda was during one of our sales conference where I added a small amount of Splenda into my coffee. I got to admit it does tastes like sugar but there’s that happy feeling that while I get to enjoy the right flavour of my drink, I don’t get the calories that comes with it. The good part is, even the little ones can actually enjoy treats made with Splenda!

Let us all have a sweet Christmas minus the guilt!

Note: As with anything in this world, Splenda makes a great substitute to regular sugar to help maintain your blood sugar level but of course, we have to take everything in moderation.

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