Sweet Country Home at Simply J's, Cebu City

On our last day in Cebu, the team wanted to spend a few hours in the beach. Since our flight was schedule late in the afternoon, they all woke up early and asked our driver to take them to Maribago Bluewater Resort to avail of their day pass. All of them went..all of them except me and ML. I guess the reason why ML and I get along pretty well is because we both would prefer to stay longer in bed, lazily wake up to have breakfast (I availed of the complimentary buffet breakfast while she ate all sorts of chocolate-covered crackers and cookies that she bought earlier in the room) and to just shop around for more pasalubong. Honestly, I’m not the type who enjoys staying under the sun longer than 5 minutes and I would rather do some laps at the pool than to fight the current and drink a lot of salty water at the beach. Well, that’s me the forever city girl.

Driver R had to do some errands so by the time he was able to pick us up it was always past 12 noon, just in time for lunch. After asking him to take us to my favorite pasalubong center – Shamrock House, we decided to have lunch in the city before heading to Mactan to meet up with the group. ML remembered a restaurant called Simply J’s which was highly recommended by some of the Cebu-based food bloggers whom we met the day before. She was determined to give it a try as she was prepared with the address and a landmark to help us easliy locate Simply J’s.

As soon as we entered the restaurant, I was immediately drawn towards the cute country-feel of the restaurant. It somehow reminded me of what Country Waffles used to look like. It was a pretty little country-like home right at the middle of Cebu’s CDO. The menu was simple and totally not intimidating. Of course, ML was ready with information on what we should order as she thoroughly interviewed the bloggers about Simply J’s (haha!).

simply j 1
Left my heart (and tummy) in beautiful Cebu

First off, we tried the Fondue (Php. 160). It’s a plate of cut-up bread with a bowl of piping hot dip. You actually get to choose which type of dip and while we failed to take note of this, our server took the liberty to choose one for us. He gave us the Spinach Dip which was very good. Look closely at the bread though as I saw a couple of ants crawling on our bread plate and quickly had this changed. Protein or no protein, I dont want ants on my fondue.

simply j 3
Fellow food bloggers raved about the Stuffed Rack of Pork (Php. 220) which was a deep-fried pork cutlet filled with pesto and covered with red wine reduction shiitake mushroom sauce. While the name sounded quite fancy it was simply a pork version of cordon bleu with mushroom gravy. It was good and the meat was very tender. No wonder this is one of their best-sellers and I’m glad we were able to try this.

simply j 2
I got a plate of Potato Gratin (Php. 60) to make up for all the rice and lechon feasting that I did the past two days. I was expecting it to be creamier or cheezier but I was surprised to set thin slices of potato topped with grated cheese on a side platter. Well it was just okay, nothing spectacular about it. Honestly, I hope I went with rice instead as it would go better with the Stuffed Rack of Pork.

simply j 4
We also tried the Stuffed Chicken Parcel (Php. 200) and it was only after we gave our orders that we realized that we ordered both stuffed items and both were deep-fried too. Ohhh boy! Sadly this one paled in comparison to the Stuffed Rack of Pork. We should have gotten a pasta dish or something not deep-fried. We were given the breast part and since it was already deep-fried, the meat was so dry and not even the sauce could make it taste better.

simply j 5
ML loves ending her meal with dessert so she got the Mango Cream Parfait (Php. 60). It looked very pretty and it tasted quite good too. I only hope they serve this chilled as the cream tends to feel to heavy and filling if served at room temperature.

The only thing that we didn't liked about Simply J's was the super slow service. I guess they really have to pick up the pace given that the restaurant has a large capacity. We went on a Sunday lunch and it was filled with families dining together. They should also ensure that there are no insects or ants on their dishes as it could easily turn off the more sensitive clients. Simply J's is a good option should you want something different from the usual Cebuano fare. They have a lot of comfort food options that I am eyeing to try on my next visit.

Simply J's is located at 10 Apitong Corner, Escario St. Kamputhaw, Cebu City. Restaurant is right beside Diamond Suites and is near Ayala Cebu. Call them at (032) 505- 8315.

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