Tech Review : looloo App

A few years back, I proudly announced that I will NEVER have an iPhone. No way am I joining the bandwagon and I was pretty happy with my existing mobile phone. Well, guess who ate her words. BIG TIME.

Ever since I got my iPhone 4S a few months ago, we have been inseparable since. Wherever I go, I have my iPhone with me. Friends have noticed how I happily would dress it up with my growing collection of casings from time to time.

It may be hard for me to admit it but purchasing this phone has been one of the best (despite impulsive) decisions that I've made this year. Whenever I travel, I would rely on my phone to help me navigate my way around. I would easily log on to the internet anytime, anywhere in the country.

looloo app
Recently, I chanced upon a new free iPhone application called looloo that allows me to search the neighborhood for restaurants. Take for example the time Paul and I stayed the night in Alabang, I was able to quickly search for the nearest coffee shop and to read reviews posted by fellow looloo users too!

Just like Twitter, I am also following a number of fellow food bloggers and friends too. While looloo is new and it may take a while for them to have more restaurants and other establishments plotted in the map, I know it'll soon be a fun party in there.

Logging in is easy. For as long as you have a Facebook account then you can link your looloo account to this.

looloo app
During an after-dinner session that I had with my friends C and E a few weeks ago, I made my first review entry in looloo. The app allowed me to upload a photo and to leave a short write-up about it.

What makes it fun is that people can comment, ask questions or add to what I wrote. That's the growing looloo community for you! Aside from leaving reviews, users can also recommend a particular restaurant to friends and when they liked what you've recommended them to try, they can send you some credits as their way of saying thank you! The more credits you earn, the higher your inflooence get in looloo!

Download looloo at the Apple App Store for FREE. See you there!

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