Frannywanny's Holiday Gift Idea : Fruits in Bloom Xmas 2012

A year ago, I blogged about this genius creation called Fruits in Bloom -- Gourmet Arrangements. Indeed they say, the way to ones stomach is through his or her stomach! After exhausting all of the delicious chocolate brands in the market and instead of joining 90% of the population that gives cookies and brownies for Christmas, why not say Merry Christmas with fruits!

Fruits in Bloom is back this Christmas with more fruity arrangements. What I love about each and every arrangement is how they manage to make it look so colorful, festive and truly mouthwatering. It helps that even if you're able to consume half of the bouquet, you're assured of not gaining so much unwanted fats and calories as fruits are very healthy and nutritious. They're high in vitamins too!

fruits in bloom 1
This year, they have the Christmas Blooms (Php. 850) which is a yummy arrangement of pineapple flowers, grapes, orange slices, green apples and banana covered in white chocolate. I love the mug that holds the entire bouquet. I love how the fruits stay juicy and sweet even after being delivered in a box.

fruits in bloom 2
Those who wants something more exquisite might prefer the Happy Holidays arrangement (Php. 1,350) which consists of red and green grapes, juicy strawberries and kiwi, green apple and orange slices. They have also added in more apple slices covered with white chocolate and red candy sprinkles.

For as long as your recipient likes eating fruits then you're assured that they'll be delighted in receiving this fruity bouquet!

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To order, call Fruits in Bloom at 0915-3269136 / 812-0380. They give discounts to bulk orders. 

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