BlackBerry Barkada : Staying Connected 24/7


I just came home from a fun evening spent with my barkada. I’ve known these girls for more than 15 years at the very least. In fact, T and I have been friends since we were in kindergarten! That’s how long we’ve known each other and it’s truly amazing to see how our bond continues to grow and strengthen through the years. In fact, they’re like family to me. Thus, it was definitely a no-brainer that I immediately chose all three of them to be part of my bridal entourage when Paul and I tied the knot two years ago. This is because I simply wanted them to play a meaningful role in such a momentous occasion in my life.

3 of the 4 Musketeers : Best Friends for LIFE

After high school, we each went to different universities and later on took different but quite similar career paths. Despite our hectic schedules, its amazing that we continue to stay connected thanks to the power of the internet and mobile communications. Just recently, when Typhoon Sandy hit New Jersey where C is currently residing, I quickly sent a message to her BlackBerry smartphone to check on her condition. My worry immediately vanished as soon as I got a reply from her assuring me that she and her husband J are ok. Imagine back in the day when there were no mobile phones and internet? I would probably have a nervous breakdown if I have to wait for a phone call or worst a reply via snail mail if the same thing happened.

I was told that text messaging is the thing of the past. Today people stay connected via the internet or 3G almost all the time. When my colleague ML was out of the country, I didn’t have to slowly wait for her to reply to my email when all I wanted to know was where to get a certain file. I simply had to send her a message via my mobile phone and she would reply in a snap for as long as I remember the time difference between Manila and the US. BlackBerry users have their very own messaging platform called BBM where they can send quick messages, photos and even voice messages to one another. I’ve seen colleagues shooting out voice reminders making it easier to communicate especially when you’re always on the go.

bb barkada 2
 Great Christmas Gift Idea!

Lately, I’ve been so addicted to taking pictures. I enjoy sharing photos of the meals that I’ve had and the different food finds that I would stumble upon along the way. I’m so happy that my mobile phone has a strong 3G connection that allows me to upload my photos real time. Regardless what service provider you’re subscribed to, you too can have unlimited web browsing for as low as P599/month! That’s a great deal, trust me.

Just in time for Christmas, I found out that BlackBerry is having a sale promo for some of their awesome mobile phones. Buyers can enjoy as much as 35% discount off on your chosen BlackBerry unit. Imagine having the sleek BlackBerry Bold 9900 for only Php. 26,490 (original price: Php. 31,690). That would make a great gift for your special someone or perhaps your busy and always on the go best friend or for yourself! Yes, dear readers, do not forget to treat yourself!

Turn your barkada into a BlackBerry barkada as you stay updated with one another 24/7!

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