Yuletide Greetings ♥

This morning, Paul and I headed to my in law's house to join them for our Christmas lunch. Since last Friday, we've both been having a series of Christmas parties celebrated with both friends and loved ones. While waiting for everyone to be ready, we watched little Julia and Jairus open their presents. It was such a happy scene as they excitedly shriek with delight as the wrappers unfold their favorite toys. Sure, Mommy's living room floor was literally covered with paper wrappers, gift tags and ribbons but we, the adults, didn't mind cleaning up after them as they were both so happy in opening and playing with their new toys.

This is what Christmas is all about. Listening to their excited chatters, feeling their warm hugs and kisses and spending quality time with everyone dear to us.

After our annual Christmas Mass earlier this evening, we gathered around the table for our Noche Buena. Paul bought some Bibingka from our favorite seller and Mommy opened a bottle of wine. Together with this we had all sorts of baked treats from Slice's delicious Chocolate Yema Cupcake, The Cake Club's  Le Royale and a lot more. We opened our own gifts and more hugs and kisses went around the table once again.

Tomorrow, Paul and I are heading to his hometown in Pampanga to have yet again another Christmas Party with his extended family. Really, my tummy's capacity has been pushed to the limits but I'm not complaining. Aside from being able to enjoy all those yummy food, I really look forward to being able to bond and celebrate the holiday with our loved ones.

So, from my (2) families to yours, we wish you all a Merry merry Christmas!!! ♥

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