Cooking with Tefal : Good Morning Pasta!

Dear readers,

Please make my birthday wish come true! I'm up against 4 extremely talented food/cooking bloggers for the Tefal Chef Challenge and after attending a cooking demo conducted by Chefs Jason Vito and Benson Tang of ONAKA, we're now tasked to create our very own recipe!

Sadly, voting is only open to all those with Singapore IC/FIN numbers (in other words, you have to be based here to vote!). Nonetheless, I would like to ask you to pleaseeeeee ask your Singapore-based friends and relatives to vote for me! All who sends in their vote get the chance to win their very own Tefal Blendforce Triplax Blender & Chopper woth $79.90. Everyone can vote once a day!

To all Singapore-based readers, I'm countin on you! *hugs*

♥, Fran

Here's sharing with you the entry that I've recently posted at the official Tefal Chef Challenge website.

Don't you just wish that the weekend can go on forever? Imagine not having to rush out of bed in the morning and instead, you can just snuggle under the sheets all day long. However, life is not quite like that. Weekends are pretty much limited to those precious two days and for the remaining part of the week, we got responsibilities to face, bills to pay and errands to make. Being a very optimistic person, friends would normally ask me how come I can start my day smiling. Here I am sharing my secret with you -- I. Eat. Breakfast.

There you go, that's my well-kept secret now open for the whole world to know. Starting my day with a happy tummy immediately puts a big smile on my face. It's my way of powering up for the busy day ahead. However, I always make it a point to start my day right by watching what I eat. I stay away from deep-fried, heavily creamed or overly salty food items. The last thing I want is to give my digestive system an intense workout in the morning. Don't get me wrong, I still love my bacon and eggs but I pair this with a bowl of yogurt too. I'm such a breakfast person that given a choice, I don't mind having breakfast food all day long.

tefal chef 1
After attending the Cooking Demo at ONAKA with Chefs Jason and Benson last month, I went home armed with two reliable and powerful equipments -- meet the two new members of my Tefal collection! I was given the Tefal Comfort Touch 28cm Flying Pan and the Tefal Comfort Touch 26cm Saute Pan! Before I put these two babies into a road test, I took a closer look at them. Both have the new Termo Spot head indicator to ensure that you're getting the right temparature when cooking. Both pans have Intensium unique non-stick mineral forumulas to ensure durability and resistance for all your cooking activities. Lastly, I love how they always have that red rubber finger rest on the handle for easier grip. It can get pretty challenging to carry the pot especially when you're making stews or soups.

tefal chef 2
Now back to my Tefal creation, taking inspiration from the yummy yet healthy dishes that Chef Jason has prepared during the demo, I began thinking what will I prepare next. I then thought of my two favorite things when it comes to food -- pasta and breakfast. Pasta, for me, is the best comfort dish in the world. On days when I'm extremely tired from work, a plate of pasta can easily push all my worries away. Breakfast, as you all know, also gives a very positive and happy feeling too. Thus, here I present to you my newest pasta creation which I'd like to call...

Good Morning Spaghetti!

Here's what you need:
- a pack of Wholemeal Spaghetti noodles
- fresh shrimps, devined
- shiitake mushrooms, sliced
- garlic, minced
- onions, minced
- 1 egg
- olive oil
- truffle oil
- pepper and salt for seasoning
- parsley, chopped

 Let's start cooking!

tefal chef 6
1. Using the Tefal Comfort Touch Saute Pan : Cook the pasta following the direction on the package -- I like adding a pinch of salt and oil too! Note that wholemeal spaghetti can be a bit more tougher than regular spaghetti noodles so make sure to check that it's al dente before taking it out of the pot. 

Using the Tefal Comfort Touch Frying Pan

2. Add olive oil, saute garlic and onions until slightly brown
tefal chef 7
3. Add shiitake mushrooms and saute quickly

4. Add shrimps

5. Add in a good amount of pasta noodles. Make sure you just have enough that the oil and toppings get to evenly cover the noodles. Too much noodles might make your pasta taste bland.

6. Season with salt and pepper

7. Transfer to a clean plate, drizzle with truffle oil.

8. Fry (1) egg using the same pan

9. Carefully put the sunny-side up on top of the pasta and add more drops of truffle oil.

10. ENJOY!

This dish is perfect not only in the morning but may be enjoyed all throughout the day. It's a light pasta dish that highlights a perfect marriage of flavors brought about by the shrimps, mushrooms, truffle oil and egg. I was able to prepare this simple dish in less than 15 minutes. Special thanks to my two trusty buddies -- the Tefal Comfort Touch Fry Pan as well as the Tefal Comfort Touch Saute Pan.

Bon Appetit!

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